MAY 30, 2004

Call to Order @ 10:07 AM - Community Center
Committee Members Present- Tim McCarty (chairman), Pepsa Amato, Robert Boyd, Dave
Marcionek, Tim Toomey, Bill Braley
Present, Liaison FII/BIT Jim Oconnor,  Dick Giggy FII/BIT
Chairman McCarthy started meeting with posted Agenda Item #1
-Update on Marina policy submitted to the FII board last
September and the edits completed/resubmitted in March.
Mr. Jim Oconnor responded that the board has not approved the revised policy, It was tabled at the May, 8 BOS/BIT meeting because board members wanted to wait till after the July 4 annual meeting.
-Update on results and findings of winter mailing/survey
The Marina Committee was unaware and was not involved by the board about the survey. The in-perpetuity language was discussed at the board meeting again. There are a couple of Board members that are not in agreement on what was decided upon during the Summer meeting last year regarding grandfathering.
-Update on the rates and the status of the
tax abatement process
The majority of time was spent discussing the marina committee's role in budget matters, problems with communication, why the marina was assessed property tax and the golf course was not , Items on last years budget that were inaccurate, insurance costs and Jim Oconnor worked on for BOS/BIT, a abatement was filed concerning the tax issue and was rejected, the marina committee was unaware that the board was planning to transfer the marina to the town, Fee increases by the board and the marina committee was unaware because both 1.)lack of communication and 2). Agenda for that meeting did not post discussion of that issue.
-Request information from the Board on what areas they want the Marina committee to focus upon
Requested again!  Chairman called for hands on who wanted to resign due to the role issues. The group all agreed to stay on the committee and give the effort more of a chance based upon feedback from the Board and Island Manager.
-Discuss how we are going to ensure communication to the board is
going to work and what the board expects from the committee
Still an on-going issue. To be further discussed in future meetings.
Should the marina committee develop & manage a rental pool for equity rights
slips not used fully during the season to offset user fees or develop a fund
for recreational activities for marina club members?
Explanation: Its been 2 years since the office stopped managing the renting
of available equity rights slips to fellow islanders which historically
since 1997 offset fees to those equity rights slip holders. Many of the
Equity Rights Slip Holders are unhappy with the current arrangement of being
excluded from the office management and benefits. The sub-committee would
provide a benefit to islanders in providing temporary slips.
Tabled to the meeting of  June 6.
Status of Dick Giggy's request to the Marina Committee last September of
recommendation to appropriate marina reserve funds to fund beach projects.
Dick Giggy responded by saying that the BOS/BIT appropriated money from another area over the winter.
Items 4-8 tabled to June 6 meeting.
Meeting closed 11:45