Location: Community Center

Time: 10:00 AM

Date: Sunday August 31, 2003  Toomey


Meeting called to order at 10 AM by Toomey


Members present:  Amato, Toomey, Dolloff, McCarty, Hensel, Stafford, Boyd


The Marina Committee ballot was reviewed so that all was clear for the election of new members about to take place. Ken Dolloff counted votes with George Amato as witness.


Results of the election were as follows:


Mike Hurley-2 yrs               Bill Brailey-3 yrs           Walt Hensel-3 yrs

Bob Boyd-3 yrs                    Charlie Arey-2 yrs         Dave Marcionek 2 yrs


Jean Toomey resigned as marina committee member as well as the chairperson prior to elections.


This marina committee elected Tim McCarty to be the new chairman of the committee. Walt Hensel made the nomination –Bob Boyd made 2nd with all in favor.


Brailey brought up discussion on off Islanders using our facilities and that several boaters had no for Milfoil or Frye Is. stickers. Since there are no check ups they are free to do so.


McCarty suggests security w/gate and key and adding additional lights as per sheriff request.


The use of security cameras was also discussed Amato will be placing reflector tape on buoys to aid in visibility at night.


Dick Giggey from FII attended this meeting and identified the intent by FII with regard to theMarina budget. He said the Marina fees were designed to make a profit for FII for one year since FII had no income.

Jean Toomey questioned why there seemed to be a lack of funds with which to build the ramp etc. and why should funds from the marina be used to benefit the golfers. Why not raise the golf dues and fees to meet the

needs of the golfers.

Dick Giggey said that when they tried to raise the fees for the golfers, they had a 10% drop in membership. 


Dick Giggey brought up the beach committee need for funds to accomplish their proposed improvements to the beaches and to rope off


a section of Long Beach for swimmers. He said he had surveyed the beach population. Pipsa Amato wanted further discussion on such a matter of great importance since she is an almost every day user of Long Beach and had not been approached by anyone about a survey.  Amato as well as the rest of the marina committee were in favor of safety for swimmers with roping off a section of Long Beach.  Amato objected to the possibility of not allowing boaters to use the beach since there are empty swimmers beaches all over the Island and this has always been the only non rocky boaters beach. Bob Boyd stated there were very limited boat pull up areas at beaches and unlimited swimming areas at beaches. Dick Giggey suggested roping off 200 ft. for swimmers at Long Beach.


Tim Toomey motioned to approve the up to $7,500.00 for the Beach Committee to fund their beach improvements with the condition that the Marina Committee review buoy placement Walt Hensel 2nd with all in favor. Tim Toomey said the two committees are related (the beach and marina) and therefore should work together with their budget plans.


Walt Hensel questioned weather FII was going to raise the fees at the marina to cover this $7,500.00 Beach Improvement Package.


Tim McCarty wants to work on our present and future needs for the marina and have a plan ready for the next year. Marina committee members are to review revised yacht club policy and identify any and all concerns and identify roles, responsibilities, and budget.


Next meeting will be Sunday Sept.7 at 10 am at the community center.


Pipsa Amato prepared minutes of this meeting.