“Working” Marina Committee Meeting Minutes


Location: Community Center

Time: 8:00 am

Date: July 28, 2002



Meeting called to order at 8:14 am by Sullivan-Toomey.


Members present: Amato, Stafford, Russo, Sullivan-Toomey, Frederick, Hensel, Dolloff

Members absent: Toomey, McCarthy


Discussion related to giving milfoil pockets to Krainen occurred.  A member brought it to our attention that Quail Circle slips are advertised for rent by Krainen for $65.00 per slip.  Committee or office will need to contact Krainen to discuss this matter.


Discussions of the possibility of using the ferry staff to screen/police boat registration numbers, etc. took place.


The feasibility of utilizing the new survey pins effectively, and questioning the new survey in general, took place.


Boat and slip size was discussed.


It was discussed that Krainen must be responsible to make sure renters are aware that they must provide information at office (milfoil, identity, boat registration and insurance, time using slip, etc.).


The Marina Committee agreed that there should be general rental slips.  The majority also voted that there should be 20 general rental slips available.  Note: Stafford and Dolloff had to leave prior to vote.  The amount of $100.00 per week or $750.00 for the season, was discussed for general rentals.


The Marina Committee felt that there should be no change or increase in fees at this time.


It was mentioned that job description needed to be written for the office staff to help determine duties of how to carry out marina operations, etc.  Also, it was suggested that bills (related to slip fees/dues) be sent out before the first ferry runs, with a grace period.  Fees should really have to be paid before the island opens, so as not to delay slip assignments.  Non-payment should result in re-assignment of the slip.


The “old dump” at Paddock Lane was discussed as a possible trailer and boat parking area.


An additional ramp was discussed for safety reasons at Long Beach Marina (causeway side at far end).


Someone questioned why there was not an adequate supply of milfoil stickers available at office.


Meeting adjourned at 10:05 am.