“Working” Marina Committee Meeting Minutes


Location: Community Center

Time: 8:00 am

Date: July 21, 2002



Meeting called to order at 8:10 am by Sullivan-Toomey.


Members present: Stafford, Toomey, Sullivan-Toomey, Dolloff, Russo, McCarthy, and Amato


Members absent: Frederick, Hensel


Toomey stated that he felt policies and procedures need to be written up and developed by the Marina Committee and recommendations from the office staff should be reviewed and included as appropriate.  All should be put before the FII Board in a timely manner for input/approval.  He stated that it should then be the duty and responsibility of the FII Board to take action regarding implementation and violations.


Sullivan-Toomey stated that both slip size and boat size requirements/limits need to be looked at, and re-evaluated with respect to the topography at Quail Circle and the new survey.


It was discussed by Tim McCarthy, that language stating no “personal” (outside the office) sub-leasing of rental slips will be allowed.  Sub-leasing of a boater’s rental slip will result in the loss of said slip.


The definition of the term “casual renting” in the current policy was deliberated.


It was decided that an announcement/notice should appear in the FINS, stating that any visitor using a Quail Circle or Long Beach facility (slip) must make sure that the slip and office have all his/her pertinent information (i.e., proof of boat insurance and registration, dates he/she will be using slip, etc.).


The Marina Committee members present agreed that the FII Board should ask their lawyer what the minimal acceptable amount of insurance for boats should be, for either marina.


The Marina Committee voted to allow Equity Rights Certificate Holders (slip owners) to be able to keep or maintain or qualify for a (one) renewable slip.  Toomey-yes, Amato-yes, Russo-no, Dolloff-no, Stafford-yes, Sullivan-Toomey-no, McCarthy-yes, Frederick (absent), Hensel (absent). (4 to 3).


It was discussed that the owner of a slip should be liable for anyone (guest) using their slip.


It was discussed that the renting (sub-leasing) of renewable slips is not currently allowable and that this should continue to be the case.


Also, that no sub-leasing of rental slips (also considered renewable) at Quail Circle should be allowed. 


No renting of Equity Rights Certificate Holders slips (owned slips) is allowed except casually (owner responsible).


We attempted to define “casual” once more.  It was discussed that we cannot easily police/monitor “casual” renting of slips.  It was discussed that a slip owner (ERC Holder) is responsible for anyone using his/her slip.


The slip owner (ERC Holder) must provide the proof of insurance, along with the name (identity), phone numbers, boat registration and insurance along with the particular days or weeks said person/guest will be in slip.  Any violation will be subject to $100.00 fine payable to FII.


An increase in slip rental fees was discussed to cover the cost of stickers (to be used by owners and renters) of about $5.00.  Said sticker to be fixed to both the boat itself, and the boat cover as applicable.


Before stickers are given out by the office staff, a person must prove they are a current Frye Island cottage owner.  Three types of stickers will be used:


1.)    ERC Holders (Long Beach)

2.)    Renewable Renters (Long Beach)

3.)    Quail Circle Renters


It was discussed that perhaps the Constable or volunteers could check (daily or spot check 1x/week) the marinas.


The Marina Committee feels that although general rentals should exist at Long Beach, that the number should be significantly lower than the anticipated number of 25.  Perhaps 5 to 10 should be general rental.  The fee for these general rental slips needs to be determined.


The Marina Committee agreed that there should be rentals by the week.  We will ask the office for input related to this, and make a formal recommendation to the board to allow a small number of general rental slips.


The Marina Committee feels that we need to have the insurance/liability of FII clarified, as it relates to the Quail Circle facility especially.


The increase of Quail Circle fees was discussed.  The majority of the Marina Committee agreed that this needs to happen.


Grandfathering, if it occurs, may need to be done on a case by case basis.  If grandfathering occurs, it was discussed that the first slip be rented for one fee, and the subsequent slip rented by the same person, be significantly higher.


Example:           1st slip: $175.00

                        2nd slip: $575.00

                        3rd slip: $1,000.00

                        (or 3rd not allowed)


The provision of one house/one slip was discussed at length.  It was determined that only a Yacht Club member, who is also a cottage owner, may have a slip in their own name, although an immediate family member may have use of said slip.  The name on the waiting list, checks (payments), and slip assignments must be in the name of the actual cottage owner.


The majority of the Marina Committee agreed that a certificate of occupancy should not be required.  Instead, language in revised policy should include active dwelling in process with a minimum of frame and roof.


Finally, renewable slips can be assigned only to a registered Frye Island cottage owner.  General rental slips can be assigned to both cottage owners and cottage renters on a first come first served basis.


A vote by the Marina Committee to allow one renewable rental slip per dwelling was affirmative.

Sullivan-Toomey: yes

Amato: yes

McCarthy: yes

Stafford: yes

Toomey: yes

Dolloff: no

Russo: no

Hensel: absent

Frederick: absent


A statement by Tim McCarthy as to the necessity to complete “wordsmithing” of revised marina rental policy was noted.


Meeting adjourned at 10: 45 am.