“Working” Marina Committee Meeting Minutes


Location: Community Center

Time: 8:00 am

Date: July 7, 2002



Meeting called to order at 8:08 am by Chair Sullivan-Toomey.


Members present: Toomey, Sullivan-Toomey, McCarthy, Stafford, Hensel, Amato, Russo, Dolloff, and Frederick


Pipsa Amato offered to act as Marshall or Co-Marshall of both the Long Beach and Quail Circle facilities with Tim Toomey.


The possibility of hiring a Harbormaster was discussed.  Duties could include overseeing Long Beach, patrolling beaches, notifying Constable of violations, being in charge of duties related to both facilities.


Jim Frederick recommended the Marina Committee develop a job description, which would outline/define how and when marina-related business should be handled through the office, and include the role in such matters by the marina Committee (or appointed members of said committee).


The idea of having a suggestion/complaint box located in the office was raised by Sullivan-Toomey.


The recommendation that a binder and/or ledger should be kept in the office to record all Marina-related transactions (in duplicate) was put forth.


Walt Hensel inquired about the building of an additional ramp at the Long Beach Marina, and also asked how and when six more slips could be built.  He asked about the status of the dredging situation as well.


Jobs were assigned to the following:


Pipsa Amato and Tim Toomey will work independently with the office staff reviewing records, slip assignments, and fee records.


Tim Toomey and Walt Hensel will finish developing the Quail Circle “map” to include name, phone, and lot numbers as well as home and island addresses of slip occupants.  Tim and Walt will begin doing same for the Long Beach map.


Members were advised to review the revised policy written by Jim Frederick and bring any additions/recommendations or suggestions to the table at the July 21, 2002 working marina committee meeting.


Meeting adjourned at 9:45 am