Golf Committee

Minutes of Meeting of September 3, 2006


A.   MEMBERS PRESENT:  Laura Davis, Don Davis, Bill Gately, Mike Hurley, Paul Lyons, Bruce Nisula, Vic Solomini, and Mark Thomas


B.    OTHERS PRESENT:  Laura Crosby, Jim Hodge, and the Membership


C.    LOCATION:  Golf Club Lounge


D.   CALL TO ORDER:  Director Thomas called the Meeting to order at 10:35 A.M.


E.    PRIOR MINUTES:  The draft of the prior meeting had been previously approved by unanimous vote over the internet.






1)    The Membership nominated four individuals ( Tom Canty, Mike Hurley, Paul Lyons, and Bruce Nisula) and by written vote Hurley, Lyons and Nisula were elected to serve on the Committee for three year terms.

2)    Cash flow appears satisfactory at this point in the fiscal year.  An Operating Reserve and an Equipment Reserve have been adequately funded over the past few years, so there is money available for emergencies in both areas.  The 2007 budget will be in the range of $191,000 for revenues with about $175,000 in operational expenses to be incurred. 

3)    The next Membership Workday is September 24, after the Scramble.

4)    It was commented that the 5th Hole pond had been expanded; and the material excavated has been placed near the 5th Tee in readiness for rebuilding.

5)    Jim Hodge, Course Superintendent, commented that he considered improving drainage a top priority.   He also announced that the greens are being cored on or about September 25.

6)    It was pointed out that the revenue from a Driving Range would be relatively weak compared to capital costs, so it is unlikely that one will be developed.  One Member suggested pursuing a practice green as a reasonable thing to do at some point. Jay previously started construction of and irrigation work for a practice area; the project will be continued at some point.

7)     The Lounge/Dining facilities expansion was highlighted with the presentation of an artist’s rendition of a possible addition and re-facing.  Mark commented that he was in the “initial contact” stage of raising money (funding would be done entirely from donations); and if he finds sufficient interest, formal plans and designs for the expansion will be produced.

8)    The Annual Meeting was adjourned at 11:05 A.M.




1)    The Golf Committee Meeting began immediately following the Annual Meeting.

2)    Bill Gately nominated, and Mike Hurley seconded, Mark Thomas for Director of Golf and Bruce Nisula for Secretary.  They were elected to their respective positions by unanimous vote of the Committee Members.

3)    Most of the meeting was devoted to discussing the expansion of the Lounge/Dining Facilities.  There was a consensus that more space was needed to accommodate the growing Island social programs (dinners, parties, meetings, and the like), as well as the larger tournaments (Member and Outside types), by moving the kitchen to the first floor and adding a dining area shielded from the elements.  Discussion of the goals beyond that ranged far and wide, principally focusing on what size and cost, how extensive a kitchen, how extensive a restaurant type activity, how much cost would b e added to the operations budget and how elegant.  Given that the Island has a large, separate facility with a kitchen and a bar in the Community Center (which is being used for the Labor Day Dinner Dance tonight, for example), another separate building with bar, kitchen, and bathrooms next to the existing Lounge/ProShop would duplicate what the Island already has in place.  Given that the Island already extends itself to have a restaurant and a bar down at the Ferry Landing, adding a separate building to house a competing restaurant activity would duplicate what the Island already has in place. The consensus was that we should focus on a design for an addition to the existing building that would improve utilization of the existing space for social and tournament functions.  Whether to put that addition to the rear or to the side is a decision that must await clearer definition of the interior space design, and engineering/architectural input.  A design for the kitchen, including researching equipment  (freezers, stoves, vent hoods, fire suppression, and the like) and its cost, was assigned to Paul.  Laura will suggest an optimal design of ProShop and Bar areas from the employee and efficiency of operations perspectives.  All other Committee members will review information to date and come prepared for discussions to be continued at the next meeting.

4)    Bruce presented a map of topographical overlay onto zoning, and wetlands maps that Marge Hommel kindly provided.  Mark agreed to make some 2 by 3 copies for our use.

5)    Jim reported that he places “French” type drains in the rough areas to catch surface water and subsurface water, and perforated pipe therein to carry the water to appropriate drainage areas.  He noted that when first installed there is stone visible at the surface and that overtime the stone gets covered by grass growing in from the side, so it is a negligible aesthetic issue after about a year.

6)    Bruce reported that the long-distance provider for our phone service has raised rates to a ridiculous level; and negotiations are ongoing with a new provider with more favorable rates.





    1.  Future Meeting Dates as follows:


Saturday, September 23 , 2006, at 4:00 P.M..


Minutes approved via the internet.


Respectfully submitted,


Bruce C. Nisula

Secretary, Golf  Committee