Golf Committee

Minutes of Meeting of August 6, 2006



A.  MEMBERS PRESENT:  Don Davis, Laura Davis, Bill Gately, Mike Hurley, Paul Lyons, Mike Mazzola, Bruce Nisula, Vic Solomini, and Mark Thomas.


B.    OTHERS PRESENT:  Laura Crosby; Him Hodge


C.    LOCATION:  Golf Club Lounge


D.   CALL TO ORDER:  Director Thomas called the Meeting to order at 10:45 AM.


E.    PRIOR MINUTES:  The draft of the prior meeting had been previously approved by unanimous vote over the internet.






1)     There has been a suggestion by one customer that the Lounge might find it worthwhile to stay open a little later on Thursday nights. 

2)     The financial reports were reviewed.  The operational expenses and revenues appear on target for the time of year, after taking into account that more of our green fee revenue comes in during September than June.   There is $39,398.43 in Operation Reserve and $25,470 in Equipment Reserve.  There are two remaining payments to be made on the tractor (2007 and 2008).

3)     The air-conditioning situation in the Lounge was discussed at length, which revealed some ambiguity in how many systems (one system with two zones vs two systems  with one zone, intended to encompass the new addition that is on the drawing board), what systems (heat pump vs A/C), and the type (window vs central).   Some felt the new addition would be cooled and heated intermittently, while others suggested constantly.  A Motion was made by Paul and seconded by Vic that we approve $5,800 for A/C now that would serve existing and new space.  The motion did not pass (6-3, with Paul, Vic and Bill in the minority). It was suggested that given the summer is likely to be over before we could get it installed, we table until the Winter Meeting any further formal decision that will be implemented next year, so that the status of the new addition project will be known, and well-informed design and  planning can be performed

4)      Bruce reported that he will be working with Marge to prepare some combination maps of the course—topographical, zoning and wetlands—for potential use in planning drainage.  Mark and Mike H. will give some aid in preparing 2’ by 3’ drawings for our use.  We will also look at the possibility of using USGS maps.

5)     Jim reported on the Course as follows:  a)  Several times this year he has helped shuttle golfers from the ferry landing to the Golf Course.  It was decided to continue this impromptu service, but not advertise its availability.  b)  He has contacted the Maine Children’s Cancer Center in Portland to make them aware of the availability of our course for tournaments.  c)  The irrigation system is finally repaired and revised so that it is working well; and he will be developing an as-built; d)  There are areas of stress and disease related to the wetness and heat that he is treating; e)  He will core the greens and spike or core the tees in the fall; f) The tees need to be rebuilt, but drainage is a higher priority item for the course.  He will be seeking a second professional plan proposal for modifying the pond system.  His work team can do most of the drainage piping; g)   The plan for expanding the 5th pond forward to the spring area was discussed.  Paul, Vic, and Jim will get together to plan and implement the project.

6)     Jim noted that the course crew has a strong need for a dependable small utility vehicle with a manual dump, because there are now only two (that are aged and frequently in need of repair) and there are often up to 5 people on the course doing projects that require such vehicles (hauling water, tools, gravel, and other materials.  A motion was made by Vic and seconded by Mark to approve the purchase of a Carry-All vehicle with a manual dump for about $2,900 with the payment being made next year.  Approved Unanimously.  The funds would come from the Equipment Reserve.

7)     A number of cart rental and usage policy issues have come up in the past few weeks.  Mark will review our policies regarding carts and prepare a communication for mailing to the members and posting in the Pro Shop.  There was a suggestion that we consider at the Winter Meeting a weekly trail fee for non-members to use a member’s cart.

8)     Next Workday is September 24 at which time further sand/loam mixture will be placed in depressed areas in the fairways.

9)     Laura reported that the work on the kitchen was proceeding nicely.  It has been painted, sinks installed, a prep station installed, and one electric stove is in place.  Paul urged that a propane gas, commercial double oven be purchased, which he felt was worth the expense because of its enhanced efficiency (over residential electric stoves) in preparing larger meals.  Paul made a motion, and Bill seconded, that we approve the expenditure of an additional $600 on the kitchen. The motion was approved with one dissenting vote cast by Bruce.  It was decided that a careful review of venting system, fire, and code requirements would be made prior to making the purchase of commercial grade equipment.  The initial amount approved by the Executive Committee for the Kitchen was $2,000 so the total allocated from the Operations Reserve for the Kitchen would increase to $2,600. 

10) Tee markers are available on Men’s and Women’s Tees on the 3rd Hole and Women’s Tee on the 9th Hole.  Jim will speak to the individual who services our golf carts to see if he is interested.   As we are so late in the season, and it will take a while to have the plaques made up, there will be no rental charge this year if we receive payment for a plaque from a new sponsor.  Laura is contacting Lois regarding her sponsorship on Hole 6.

11) Analysis of the Town phone directory may be the only reasonable way to get addresses for new Islanders who will be sent welcoming letters.  Alternatively, a general mailing may be done.  This will be discussed further at the Winter Meeting.

12)   The Ice Cream Social was very successful on August 5th Weekend.  Much appreciated staffing was provided by Vic, Mark, Harry, Alison, Bruce and Sue Nisula.  

13) Labor Day Dinner Dance:  Very few people have signed up for the dinner; if interest does not grow considerably, the dinner will be cancelled and just a Dance will be held.

14) A rendering of the Clubhouse Expansion is in progress and is expected soon.

15)   Our current list of potential projects is reproduced below:


                        Major Capital Cost

    1.      Purchase equipment as needed.

    2.      Purchase Golf Carts (This year)DONE

    3.      Restructure and Level 5th Hole Tee (2-5 years).

    4.      Expand Club House (1-5 years)

    5.      Driving Range (Long term)

    6.      Putting Green/Practice Bunker (Long term)


    Minor Capital Cost

    1.      Purchase new pull carts (This year) - DONE

    2.      Replacing the plastic/aluminum chairs and tables.  (This year) - PARTIAL

    3.      Add another Air conditioner to Lounge (This year)(A Member may donate a used one)

    4.      Install directional signage to the Golf Course. (This year) - DONE

    5.      Add Ball and Club Cleaners - DELETED

    7.      Print Yardage Guide Booklet – Further data collection pending.


    Greens keeping Staff  (or Lounge Staff)


    1.      Repair area in front of 3rd Hole pond. IN PROGRESS

    2.      Repairing, re-leveling, and reseeding tees where needed.

    3.      Remove the dirt mound on the 9th Hole and plant grass.

    4.      Improve drainage on 2nd Hole front of tees, and between pond and green.

    5.      Expand the pond on 5 forward toward the green to improve drainage.

    6.      Remove Bunker on 5th Hole.

    7.      Improve definition of the cart path on 3 and 6 and add bluestone.

    8.      Stone/timber curbing for the 1st Hole Tee Box .DONE

    9.    Restructure and level 5th Hole Tee Box.

    10.  Putting Green/Practice Bunker Development.

    11.  Enlarge Women’s Tee Boxes on 3rd and 9th Holes.

    12.  Add a fairway bunker to 7th Hole. (future consideration)


    Membership (Minimal Cost)


    1.      Loaming over the holes and ruts on the fairways. (This year and 2-5 years)

    2.      Add a motor to rotate the TV antenna.  (This year)

    3.      Repairing of rotting wood at the door entrance and adding a screen to the Pro Shop. (This year)

    4.      Clearing of brush, branches and rocks from wooded areas in selected  parts of the course to allow golfers a more reasonable opportunity to play out of the woods. (Yearly)

    5.      Maintenance of Tee Marker flowers to give color without obstructing plaque. (Yearly)




    1.  Future Meeting Dates as follows:


Every second Sunday immediately after the Sunday Scramble.



1)    Adjourned at 12:05 PM.


Minutes approved via the Internet.


Respectfully submitted,


Bruce C. Nisula

Secretary, Golf Club Committee