Golf Committee
Minutes of Meeting of July 16, 2006



A.  MEMBERS PRESENT:  Bill Gately, Mike Hurley, Paul Lyons, Mike Mazzola, Bruce Nisula, Vic Solomini, and Mark Thomas.


B.    OTHERS PRESENT:  Laura Crosby


C.    LOCATION:  Golf Club Lounge


D.   CALL TO ORDER:  Director Thomas called the Meeting to order at 10:40 AM.


E.    PRIOR MINUTES:  The draft of the prior meeting had been previously approved by unanimous vote over the internet.






1)     A second rendition of the Club House Expansion project is being prepared for use in fund raising. 

2)     The financial reports were reviewed.  The operational expenses and revenues appear on target for the time of year; most of our green fee revenue comes in during the next three months.   There is $39,315.10 in Operation Reserve and $25,470 in Equipment Reserve.  There are two remaining payments to be made on the tractor (2007 and 2008).

3)     The air-conditioning situation in the Lounge is unsatisfactory.  The one old wall unit cannot handle the heat generated by a crowd in mid-season.  An Islander in the HVAC business has initiated discussion of how we might be able to meet our need.  Bill will follow-up to obtain more concrete details (timing, pricing, coordinating with expansion).

4)      Bruce reported that Jim had obtained a proposal for Engineering Services to enable the design Golf Course Drainage improvements.  Also, Jim has requested purchase of a Club Car Carry-All, used at $2,900.  It was decided to discuss these items in detail at the next meeting when Jim can be present.  The Equipment Inventory and Five Year Equipment Replacement Plan that have been prepared by Jim will be distributed to the Committee Members prior to that meeting.

5)      It was decided that an Agenda item for the Winter Meeting will be a change to the Policy Handbook stating that the free golf (green fees) for employees does not mean free membership.

6)     Vic noted that he has offered free use of his excavator until September, and one of his employees has offered to contribute operating the machine.  It is not clear that we will be able to have a approved plan in place in time to take advantage of their kind offer.

7)     Bill Controvillis due to certain medical problems has arrived to the Island in mid-season.  Paul motioned to charge him five hundred dollars for his membership.  Bill seconded.  Unanimously approved.

8)     It was decided to have an additional Workday next Sunday in order to clean up around the Clubhouse.  This would include pruning of trees, clearing of brush and leaves, removal of garbage, and washing the deck and grills.

9)     The screen door on the Pro Shop has been replaced.

10) Further discussion of the advantages of a shotgun start to certain larger tournaments led to the conclusion that the course would be more efficiently vacated by the tournament players with an early shotgun, and thus more available to Islanders in general.  Motion was made by Vic and seconded by Bill that Mark try an early shotgun start with his tournament on Saturday.  Unanimously approved.

11) Discussion of the Golf Yardage Marker Book, based in part on examination of the yardage booklets of other clubs concluded that we need to check some measurements, use fewer data points, and format the data a little differently.  Once the data has been collected Mike H. can proceed with printing the results.

12) Tee markers are available on Men’s and Women’s Tees on the 3rd Hole and Women’s Tee on the 9th Hole.  Mike M. and Laura D. will contact additional businesses.

13) Kitchen Sub-Committee:  Paul will be communicating with Laura concerning the type of stoves that will be placed in the kitchen downstairs.

14) At the next meeting an update is anticipated concerning the letter to be sent to new Islanders who are prospective members.

15)   The Ice Cream Social was very successful on July 4th Weekend, with many families requesting a repeat performance.  Much appreciated staffing was provided by Vic, Judy and Tom Burgess and Sue Nisula.   It was decided to have another on the first Saturday in August (in addition to the one scheduled for Labor Day Weekend) if the Community Center is available.  Vic offered to be the Ice Cream Social Director.

16) Labor Day Dinner Dance:  Very few people have signed up for the dinner; if interest does not grow considerably, the dinner will be cancelled and just a Dance will be held.

17) Workdays are scheduled for July 24 and September 24. July 17 workday was highly productive of lots of brush from Holes 2 and 3; and filling in of fairway defects on Hole 7.

18)   Our current list of potential projects is reproduced below:


                        Major Capital Cost

    1.      Purchase equipment as needed.

    2.      Purchase Golf Carts (This year)

    3.      Restructure and Level 5th Hole Tee (2-5 years).

    4.      Expand Club House (1-5 years)

    5.      Driving Range (Long term)

    6.      Putting Green/Practice Bunker (Long term)


    Minor Capital Cost

    1.      Purchase new pull carts (This year) - DONE

    2.      Replacing the plastic/aluminum chairs and tables.  (This year) - PARTIAL

    3.      Add another Air conditioner to Lounge (This year)(A Member may donate a used one)

    4.      Install directional signage to the Golf Course. (This year) - DONE

    5.      Add Ball and Club Cleaners - DELETED

    7.      Print Yardage Guide Booklet – PROVIDE INPUT FOR NEXT MEETING


    Greens keeping Staff  (or Lounge Staff)


    1.      Repair area in front of 3rd Hole pond. IN PROGRESS

    2.      Repairing, re-leveling, and reseeding tees where needed.

    3.      Remove the dirt mound on the 9th Hole and plant grass.

    4.      Improve drainage on 2nd Hole front of tees, and between pond and green.

    5.      Expand the pond on 5 forward toward the green to improve drainage.

    6.      Remove Bunker on 5th Hole.

    7.      Improve definition of the cart path on 3 and 6 and add bluestone.

    8.      Stone/timber curbing for the 1st Hole Tee Box.DONE

    9.    Restructure and level 5th Hole Tee Box.

    10.  Putting Green/Practice Bunker Development.

    11.  Enlarge Women’s Tee Boxes on 3rd and 9th Holes.

    12.  Add a fairway bunker to 7th Hole. (future consideration)


    Membership (Minimal Cost)


    1.      Loaming over the holes and ruts on the fairways. (This year and 2-5 years)

    2.      Add a motor to rotate the TV antenna.  (This year)

    3.      Repairing of rotting wood at the door entrance and adding a screen to the Pro Shop. (This year)

    4.      Clearing of brush, branches and rocks from wooded areas in selected  parts of the course to allow golfers a more reasonable opportunity to play out of the woods. (Yearly)

    5.      Maintenance of Tee Marker flowers to give color without obstructing plaque. (Yearly)




    1.  Future Meeting Dates as follows:


August 6, 2006; and then every second Sunday immediately after the Sunday Scramble.



1)    Adjourned at 12:10 PM.


Minutes approved via the Internet.


Respectfully submitted,


Bruce C. Nisula

Secretary, Golf Club Committee