Golf Committee

Minutes of Winter Meeting of January 28, 2006
Revised 3-24-2006



A.  MEMBERS PRESENT:  Don Davis, Laura Davis, Bill Gately, Mike Hurley, Mike Mazzola, Bruce Nisula, Vic Solomini, and Mark Thomas


B.    OTHERS PRESENT:  Laura and John Crosby in person; and Jim Hodge transiently by conference call.


C.    LOCATION:  Meeting Room, 271 Mill Road, Chelmsford, MA 01824


D.    CALL TO ORDER: Director Thomas called the Meeting to order at 9:00 AM Saturday, January 28, 2006. 


E.     PRIOR MINUTES: The draft of the prior meeting (10-16-05) had been previously approved by unanimous vote over the internet.






1) Review of the Golf Year 2005 is as follows:


a)      Installed new service ramp and front entry steps to shed. 

b)      Improved parking area landscaping and added bluestone.

c)      Ice Cream Socials were successful Labor Day and July 4th weekends.

d)      Cleaned out the basement back room and installed dehumidifier.

e)      Club dinners were very popular and successful throughout the season. 

f)        Membership workdays were productive, especially the effort placed on leveling the fairways.

g)      Three of the older three-wheel golf carts were sold.

h)      The septic holding tank for the clubhouse was pumped out.


2)       During the Fall, rather than taking up any new drainage projects, Jay and his staff concentrated on preparing the equipment for use in the Spring in addition to performing routine maintenance on the course and winterizing.


3)       The Golf Superintendent’s staffing plan is to be basically unchanged from 2005—two full-time and two part-time for six months, and one additional full-time for the two months of high season.


4)       The unaudited 2005 financials now available are as follows:



Operating Revenue = $187,283

Operating Expenses = $160,553

Positive Cash Flow = $26,730



Balance as of December 31, 2005 = approximately $  $36,713.92 


The above RESERVE ACCOUNT balance:

a.  Does not include the positive cash flow from 2005.  This will be added after the audit is complete.

b.  Does not include  $10,000 that during 2005 was removed from the RESERVE ACCOUNT and placed in Capital Administration account 67-3-75, entitled “Golf Improvement, Capital Expense”.

c.  Does not reflect the decision that was made at last year’s Winter Meeting to subdivide the Golf Reserve account into a Golf Operational Reserve and a Golf Equipment Reserve and to place $10,000 in the Golf Equipment Reserve, and the remainder in the Golf Operational Reserve.  The Town accounting program has not yet been modified to reflect that decision.

A motion was made by Bruce and seconded by Mark to recommend to the Executive Committee that $10,000 be placed immediately in a Golf Equipment Reserve account (the funds in account 63-3-75 would be the source), and that upon completion of the 2005 Audit, $15,470 of the positive cash flow would be added to that account.   The remaining portion of the 2005 positive cash flow would be placed in the Golf Operational Reserve account. Unanimously approved.



  A tractor was purchased during 2004, with the payments scheduled to be made (interest-free) over four years (2004 – 2007).  As of the date of this meeting, two of the payments have been made.  According to information received from Wayne Fournier this week, the vendor has indicated that the remaining two payments are due in 2007 and 2008.  This information will be verified.


5)       Golf Committee Organizational Assignments for 2006 were agreed as follows:

Bruce                                          Course Coordinator

Mark                                          Clubhouse (Pro Shop and Lounge)  Coordinator

See listing of Tournaments           Individual Tournament Organizers

Laura                                          Work Days Coordinator

Bill                                              Sunday Scramble Coordinator

Bruce                                         Outside Tournaments Coordinator                     (Works with Jim and Laura)

Don                                            Handicap Subcommittee and

          Maine Golf association/USGA Liason

  6)  The 2006 Fee Schedule was discussed.

A motion was made by Bruce and seconded by Mike H. to increase the Individual Membership fee to $540, the Family Membership to $810, the Trail Fee to $175, and to begin Twilight in October at 3PM.  A motion to amend the motion was made by Bill and seconded by Don to increase the Weekend Days and Holidays fee to $30. Amendment passed (7-1) with Mark against.  The amended motion passed unanimously, thus recommending the following 2006 fee schedule to the Executive Committee:












Individual Membership*



Family Membership*



Trail Fee



Initiation Fee



Three Day Pass



Week Day Youth Green Fees (16 or younger)



Week Day Adult



Weekend Days and Holidays



Twilight (after 5 PM) Adult#



Scramble Fee (e.g. 9 holes Sunday morning)



Use of pull cart per 18 holes (9 holes same price)



Rental clubs per 18 holes (9 holes same price)



Use of gasoline cart for 9 holes



Use of gasoline cart for 18 holes



Club Storage



Week-Long Unlimited Golf Pass



# Twilight after 3 PM in October



*$25 Discount for Memberships paid prior to May 15.




6)       Tentative Tournament Schedule for 2006 is as follows:

                         Date                             Tournament                                          Organizers

Sat, May 27                 Ryder Cup                                           Laura, Don, and Mike M.

Jun 24-25                     June Invitational (Steve Daigle)             Steve

Sat, Jul 1                      Steak and Hot Dog                               Mark

Jun-Aug                       Club Championship                              Laura

Sat, July 29                  Night Golf                                             Laura and Don

Sat, Aug 5                    Rally for a Cure                                   

Aug 19,20                    Member-Guest                                    Mark, Bruce

Sat, Sep 2                    President's Cup                                    Bill, Mike H

Sep 8-10                      Sebago Lake Escape                           Mark

Sat, Sep 30                  Shoot Out                                            Vic

Sun, Oct 8                    October's Best                                     Mike H, Bill
 7)       For outside Tournaments other than those organized by Islanders (i.e., Steve in June, Rally for a Cure in August, and Mark in September), Bruce and Jim will contact several new groups and coordinate procedures for outside tournaments with Laura.  On the possibilities list would be Tom Bishop’s GE group, Paul Osborne, Grondin, Golf Superintendents, American Legion, Masons, Elks, Maine Medical affiliations and Home Depot and Lowe’s.

8)       Various Pro Shop/Lounge objectives, operations and procedures were discussed with Laura Crosby:  She will send a batch of the $100 flyers at the Clubhouse to Krainin for mailing to prospective renters.  She will enter greens fees received from outside tournaments under “Outside Tournaments”.  She will print off some copies of the Policy Handbook to have available in the Pro Shop and the Lounge for those interested.  She will look into the cost of directional signage to guide customers traveling from the ferry to the golf course; and also, a sign for the Fire Barn, and possibly one for the mainland ferry landing, to  promote the use the Golf Course and Lounge. (John stated that the Town had accounts with several local sign craftsmen.)  She will place a notice in the FINS (Winter FINS if possible) regarding the auction and the dance when the specific dates are known, as well as a request for donations of services or new items for the auction.  Also, she will look into having our events (workdays and tournaments) included on the calendar.  She will order Basic and NESN from Direct TV.

9)       It was noted that an alternative entrance to the Golf Course was possible to develop from Putting Circle.  While some clearing, earth moving and gravel spreading  would be necessary, customers could avoid driving by the maintenance area.

10)   Two tee markers are available—3rd  and 9th Hole women’s.  Laura will contact possible candidates--Hancock, Maingas, Dead River Fuel, Home Depot, Lowe’s, and septic companies.  It was noted that Pine Tree and Aubuchon Hardware have specific persons to address when invoicing for tee markers. Mark will contact Calvin to have bills sent out for the tee markers for 2006.  Laura D. will contact Laura C. to have the plaque for our newest sponsor, AC Docks, made up for April.

11)    A motion was made by Bruce and seconded by Vic that the fees for Tee Markers would be $275 the first year (includes the cost of a plaque), and $150 each year thereafter.  Unanimously approved. 

12)   Among Fund Raiser/Social Events, it was agreed that we should continue as usual: Ice Cream Socials would be on Sundays of July 4 and Labor Day weekends.  Judy and Terry have expressed interest in doing the Auction.  Cookbooks will continue to be sold.   Dinners at the Clubhouse will be continued.  Vic offered to look into arranging a band for the dance as he did last year, either for Sep 2, Sep 3, or Aug 19.  The auction date would be determined based on the availability of the band.

13)    Laura will continue work on an earlier draft of a welcoming letter to new Frye Islanders.

14)     Various course objectives, operations and procedures were discussed with Jim:  Communications to and from the Golf Committee will pass via the Course Coordinator, Bruce.   As Jim’s experience accrues with the irrigation system, he will develop an As-built Drawing and an Operations Manual.  It was recognized that some upgrades to the irrigation system may be required (funds to come from Operational Reserves).  He will seek through his contacts to add two or three outside weekday tournaments this season.  He will perform an equipment assessment and develop a predicted 5 year Capital Equipment Replacement Plan.  At his discretion he may allocate the equivalent hours of a full time high-season (July-August) worker to a part-time worker for six months.  His initial priority for the course based on his experience is to improve drainage.  He agreed that repairing the area in front of the pond on the 3rd hole would be a top priority item this spring.  He will shop for six pull carts to replace our dilapidated fleet, and two used Yamaha golf carts.

15)    One of the older golf carts will be modified by addition of a work bed by John Crosby, and used as a small work cart by Public Works. 

16)   It was suggested that the Superintendent’s staff consider making it a practice to wash the Golf Carts each time they refuel them.

17)    John reported that the Town had approval of Raymond to use the gravel pit on the Willis property to receive deliveries of stone, gravel, loam, sand, and the like.  Jeff Snow is leaving a loader there for the Town to use to load up the Town dump trucks.

18)    A motion was made by Mike M and seconded by Laura that three (3) ball and club washers be purchased  for the course.  Unanimously approved.

19)   A schedule of workdays was selected as follows:  May 14, June 11, and Sept 24.  Adding loam, seed, and hay to areas of the fairways that need leveling will be continued.

20)   John suggested that we explore the availability of used granite curbing (Grondin apparently has such at its pit) to edge the first tee box.

21)   A motion was made by Mark and seconded by Bruce that a sand trap be placed on the 6th hole.  Motion failed (2-5) with Mark and Bruce for and all others against.  (Vic was absent).

22)     A motion was made by Bill and seconded by Laura D that the possibility of a sand trap on 7th fairway remain on the projects list for future consideration.  Motion passed (5-2) with Mark and Mike H against.  (Vic was absent).

23)   Don will contact the Maine State Golf Association and the USGA to determine what we need to do to become in compliance with respect to handicaps.

24)     A Clubhouse Expansion concept design was presented by Mike M.  The 24 by 36 ft addition with deck is roughly estimated to cost about $100,000.  Potential sources of funding were discussed briefly; and as a next step, preliminary floor plan alternatives will be developed and funding needs will be clarified.

25)   It was pointed out by John that Public Works wants to purchase a new dump truck in 2007.  If they do, their current 1988 diesel dump truck will be traded or sold.  As Golf’s dump truck is it last legs, we may consider purchasing it at that time..

26)   The following clubhouse and/or course improvement projects were given the timeframe for action indicated in parentheses:

Major Capital Cost

1.      Purchase equipment as needed.

2.      Purchase Golf Carts (This year)

3.      Restructure and Level 5th Hole Tee (2-5 years).

4.      Expand Club House (2-5 years)

5.      Driving Range (Long term)

6.      Putting Green/Practice Bunker (Long term)


Minor Capital Cost

1.      Purchase new pull carts (This year)

2.      Replacing the plastic/aluminum chairs and tables.  (This year)

3.      Add another Air conditioner to Lounge (This year)(A Member may donate a used one)

4.      Install directional signage to the Golf Course. (This year)

5.      Add Ball and Club Cleaners (This year)

6.      Fountain on Hole 6  (Long Term)

7.      Print Yardage Guide Booklet (Investigate cost and need)

8.      Install new bar top (Investigate cost and need)


Greens keeping Staff  (or Lounge Staff)


1.      Projects that enhance course safety for golfers, employees, and equipment in addition to their usual course maintenance (Yearly)

2.      Repair area in front of 3rd Hole pond. (This year)

3.      Repairing, re-leveling, and reseeding tees where needed.

4.      Remove the dirt mound on the 9th Hole and plant grass.

5.      Improve drainage on 2nd Hole front of tees, and between pond and green.

6.      Expand the pond on 5 forward toward the green to improve drainage.

7.      Remove Bunker on 5th Hole.

8.      Improve definition of the cart path on 3 and 6 and add bluestone.

9.      Stone/timber curbing for the 1st Hole Tee Box.

10.  Restructure and level 5th Hole Tee Box.

11.  Putting Green/Practice Bunker Development.

12.  Enlarge Women’s Tee Boxes on 3rd and 9th Holes.

13.  Add a fairway bunker to 7th Hole. (future consideration)


Membership (Minimal Cost)


1.      Loaming over the holes and ruts on the fairways. (This year and 2-5 years)

2.      Add a motor to rotate the TV antenna.  (This year)

3.      Repairing of rotting wood at the door entrance and adding a screen to the Pro Shop. (This year)

4.      Clearing of brush, branches and rocks from wooded areas in selected parts of the course to allow golfers a more reasonable opportunity to play out of the woods. (Yearly)

5.      Maintenance of Tee Marker flowers to give color without obstructing plaque. (Yearly)

27)    Bill will check on the cost of an automatic flusher for the men’s urinal.

28)     Mike H will be printing up a few example copies of the Golf Yardage Book for the Golf Committee to review prior to printing a larger batch possible sale.


29)   A motion was made by Bruce and seconded by Don to recommend to the Executive Committee that $5,470 from Golf Equipment Reserve be approved for a tractor payment (if required in 2006) and that $10,000 from Golf Operating Reserve be approved for use on the following:  a) Make improvements to kitchen in Clubhouse at a cost of approximately $2,000;  b)  Purchase pull-carts at a cost of approximately $1,000 ; c) Purchase 2 used golf carts at a cost of approximately $5,000; d)  Make improvements to irrigation system at a cost of approximately $1,000; and e)  Install ball and club cleaners on three holes at a cost of approximately $1,000. Unanimously approved. (Vic was absent).  If approved, the actual transfers will be made if and when specifically requested by the Golf Committee.





    1.  Future Meeting Dates as follows:


Monthly meeting schedule May through October to be second Sunday.


Annual Meeting the Sunday of Labor Day Weekend.



1)     Adjourned at 4:30 PM.


Minutes approved via the Internet on ---------------------.


Respectfully submitted,


Bruce C. Nisula

Secretary, Golf Club Committee