Golf Committee

Minutes of Annual Meeting of October 16, 2005



A. MEMBERS PRESENT: Don Davis, Laura Davis, Bill Gately, Mike Mazola, Vic Solomini, Mark Thomas, Mike Hurley




C. LOCATION: Golf Club Dining Area


D. CALL TO ORDER:   Director Thomas called the Meeting to order at 11:25 a.m.


E. PRIOR MINUTES: The draft of the prior meeting had been previously approved by unanimous vote over the internet.





1) A review of the 09/25 minutes (Old Business section) was reviewed again.

2) The issue of replacing old handcarts was discussed and decision was made to research cost of purchasing (6) new or used handcarts.  Don suggested talking to some local courses to determine whether they had used cards in good working order they’d sell to us.

3) Separate collection continues for Jay, ProShop Manager and Greens keeping crew.



1) Finances were discussed.  Anticipate lower revenue for October.  Year end estimate anticipated to be up an additional $20k

2) Discussion continued on finding sponsors for Tee Markers;

            $150 per year for the Tee Marker rental; $100 one time charge for the actual marketer

            Sponsors discussed were Mainly Marine, AC Docks, Lowes, Home Depot, Mills & Co.

            Laura will try to communicate with store managers to secure sponsorship.

3) Decision was made to cancel wireless based on wireless availability at the Café.

4) Bruce attended the annual MSGA  meeting; Mark to contact Bruce to determine if the handicap obligations were met.

5) Workday netted positive results.  Grass did come up - despite heavy rains over the past week and one half.

6) Mark to speak with Jay regarding Jay’s taking home equipment for winter repairs.

7) Renovation of building to extend dining area and/or building of shed for kitchen area will be a priority, though the kitchen area appeared to be more of a priority.  Placement of shed proposed to be located behind the bar area where very limited clearing of trees would be required. Conversations with Sue, Lorraine and Paul are required to determine layout of kitchen.

8) Winter Meeting to be held at Siemen’s in Chelmsford, MA on Saturday, January 28 9-5pm.

9) Winter meeting topics include:

            Resetting of membership fees

            Fund Raising activities

            Tournament schedules

            Creation of short and long term (5 year) plan

            Work day schedule