Minutes of Winter Meeting of February 12, 2005



A.  MEMBERS PRESENT:  Tom Canty,  Chris Decker, Mike Mazzola, Bruce Nisula, Bill Gately, and Mark Thomas.




C.    LOCATION:  Meeting Room, 271 Mill Road, Chelmsford, MA 01824


D.    CALL TO ORDER: Director Thomas called the Meeting to order at 9:00 AM Saturday, February 12, 2005. 


E.     PRIOR MINUTES: The draft of the prior meeting (9-26-04) had been previously approved by unanimous vote over the internet.






1) Review of the Golf Year 2004 is as follows:


a)      Installed new roofing and siding to preserve shed and convert an eyesore into a long-term asset. 

b)      Purchased new tractor for rough mowing.

c)      Ice Cream Socials were successful and profitable.

d)      Installed a beautiful, new rug throughout the Clubhouse.

e)      Improved drainage between Ponds on Holes 2 and 3, which reduced the water level on Hole 2 by about 8 inches.

f)        Golf Course ownership was transferred to the Town of Frye Island.

g)      Procedures for accounting and budgeting were vastly improved.

h)      Painted and upgraded card/meeting room.

i)        Established email communications with Membership.

j)        Cleared brush from Holes 1 and 2, and edged ponds on Hole 6.

k)      Improved Lounge advertising.

l)        Club dinners were very popular and successful throughout the season.


2)       During the Fall, Jay and the greenskeeping staff continued the edging of ponds, concentrating mostly on Hole 6, removed a number of rocks from the fairways, placed stakes with roping to discourage winter trespassers from going onto the greens, and improved the cart path on Hole 4.  It is anticipated that work in the Spring will be limited to preparing the course for play.


3)       The staffing plan is to be basically unchanged from 2004; however, due to the loss of some personnel in the Lounge and in Greenskeeping, we will need to hire an extra person in each area for the high season in order to match last years staffing.


4)       The 2004 financials are as follows:



Operating Revenue = $181,545

Operating Expenses = $161,406

Positive Cash Flow = $20,139



Balance as of December 31, 2004 = $17,446  (Current $12,008 plus $5,470 Feb 05 tractor payment and minus $32 January interest payment)

The balance:

a.  Does not include the positive cash flow from 2004.  This will be added after the audit is complete and will increase the reserve to greater than $30,000.

b.  Reflects two payments ($2,178 and $3,292) totaling $5,470 for the tractor.

c.  Reflects on payment of $3,386 for work on the shed and the rug.



Balance as of December 3, 2004 =$1,613



a.  The information detailed above is based on financial data provided by the office, discussions during the Golf Committee meeting, and subsequent discussions with the Town Accountant, Calvin Nutting.

b.  While a tractor was purchased during 2004, the payments are scheduled to be made (interest-free) over four years (2004 – 2007).  As of February 2005 two of the payments have been made.

c.  With respect to operations, the Town approved 2005 budget calls for $181,580 in revenues (against about $183,480 actual for 2004); and $176,426 in expenses (against about $162,060 actual for 2004).  

d.  One procedural change to be instituted in 2005 that should facilitate both efficiency and monitoring of our operations is that our cash registers will be more closely keyed to the budget. 

e.  Again in 2004 as was the case in 2003, the financial health of the Golf Course was attributable first to the fine performance of the Lounge and Greenskeeping Staffs, who did a great job of keeping costs under control, and second to the extensive efforts by Members of the Golf Course.  The financials would not have been favorable without the labor and materials contributed by the Members to put a new roof and siding on the storage shed, to run the many dinners and fund raisers, to run various workdays, and to provide executive management of the operation. 

f.  The Expense Detail Report shows Capital Expense Improvements for $1210 and $2175.67 (total $3,386), presumably for rug installation and shed materials, respectively.  The Golf Committee believes this is a duplicate payment of the $3,386 payment made from the Reserve account.  Mark will work with the Town office to clarify this matter.


5)       Golf Committee Organizational Assignments for 2005 were agreed as follows:

Bruce                                          Course Coordinator

Mark                                          Clubhouse and Pro Shop Coordinator

Mark and Bill                              Tournament Coordinator and Individual Organizers

Bill                                              Work Days Coordinator

Bill                                              Sunday Scramble Coordinator

Mark                                          Outside Tournaments Coordinator

Tom and Chris                            Handicap Subcommittee and

          Maine Golf association/USGA Liason

Bruce, Mike, and Paul                 Clubhouse Expansion Subcommittee




6)       A motion was made by Bruce and seconded by Bill to recommend the following fees to the Executive Committee of the Town for the 2005 season. Unanimously Approved:




2004 Actual Fee

2005 Proposed Fee




Individual Membership*



Family Membership*



Trail Fee



Initiation Fee



Three Day Pass



Week Day Youth Green Fees (16 years old or younger)



Week Day Adult



Weekend Days and Holidays



Twilight (after 5 PM) Adult



Scramble Fee (e.g. 9 holes Sunday morning)



Use of pull cart per 18 holes (9 holes same price)



Use of rental clubs per 18 holes (9 holes same price)



Use of gasoline cart for 9 holes



Use of gasoline cart for 18 holes



Club Storage



Week-long Unlimited Golf Pass



                     *$25 Discount if paid prior to May 15





7)       Tentative Tournament Schedule for 2005 is as follows:

Sat, May 28                 Ryder Cup

Jun 10-12                     June Invitational (Steve Daigle)

Sat, Jul 2                      Steak and Hot Dog

Jul-Aug                        Club Championship

Sat, Aug 6                    Rally for a Cure

Aug 13,14                    Member-Guest

Sat, Aug 27                  President's Cup

Sep 9-11                      Sebago Lake Escape

Sat, Sep 24                  Shoot Out

Sat, Oct 8                    October's Best


8)       For outside Tournaments (other than those organized by Islanders (i.e., Steve in June, and Mark in  September), we need to seek a volunteer (perhaps someone local from the membership) to contact potential customers.  Mark agreed to contact several of the members with local affiliations and coordinate procedures for outside tournaments with Laura.  To solicit business, Bill will call Paul St Cyr; and  Mark will contact the American Legion, and Tom Higgins regarding his Maine Event.  A Discount Package to encourage outside tournaments was discussed. A motion was made by Bruce and seconded by Bill to set a minimum for the negotiated greens fees (with a shared cart) for outside tournaments as not less than $25 per person weekdays and $35 per person weekends.  Unanimously approved.

9)        Assorted plans to increase revenues were discussed at length, including  advertising, renters’ packages, welcoming letters for new Islanders, tee sponsors, further improvements in Lounge advertising to portray its proper image.  Mark will look into having flyers printed for advertising to renters the Week-long Unlimited Golf Pass for $100.  This would be a pass for a specified individual for 7 consecutive days.  Mark will discuss with Laura the design for a Lounge advertisement to be placed on the board at the Mainland Ferry Landing.  Chris will draft a “Welcoming letter for Newcomers”, and establish procedures to acquire addresses from the changing tax rolls in the Town Office.  Four Tee Markers remain available.  Mike will speak with Panther Run.  Bruce will talk with our Island Golf Professional, Ron to assess his interest.  A motion was made by Bruce and seconded by Bill that the fees for Tee Markers would be $225 the first year (includes the cost of a plaque), and $150 each year thereafter.  Unanimously approved.

10)   Mike will assess the cost of setting up a wireless router system in the Lounge, which might attract additional customers.

11)   Tom offered to pickup maintaining an action list similar to the one Maura created.

12)   A motion was made by Bruce and seconded by Bill that seniors (70 or over with handicaps greater than 24) may be permitted to play the red tees at the discretion of the Tournament Director/Organizer. Unanimously approved.

13)   Among Fund Raiser/Social Events, it was agreed that we should continue the Ice Cream Socials (July 4 and Labor Day);  Mark will send an email to the Membership seeking volunteers.  Similarly volunteers will be needed if we are to have a raffle this year.  Cookbooks will continue to be sold; and perhaps in some cases an item distributed to participants in some outside tournaments.  Dinners at the Clubhouse, which have been a resounding success, should be continued.

14)   .  Mark will check on when the septic tank serving the Clubhouse is due for pumping.

15)   It was agreed that out of bounds markers (white stakes) would be placed in front of the houses on the 4th Hole to keep players out of their yards.  Bill will consult with John Kett to assess the need for similar stakes on the 9th Hole.  Using aerosol paint cans to mark hazards periodically during the season was suggested as something to be tried instead of stakes, which have a way of disappearing from the course over time.

16)   Using red, white, and blue disk markers in the center of the fairways at 100, 150 and 200 yards would cost about $500.  

17)     It was agreed to have three workdays during 2005—Sunday, June 5, Sunday, July 24, and Sunday, September 18, with the main focus to be brush clearing around the Course.

18)   A Clubhouse Expansion Subcommittee, to be chaired by Bruce, was formed and charged with investigating various aspects of the expansion project.  Ultimately, the overall goals of such an expansion are as follows:  1)  To provide seating for 72 people in order to accommodate the largest outside tournament which our 9 hole course can host; 2)  To improve the aesthetics inside by having vaulted ceilings and lots of glass in the addition; 3)  To improve the outside appearance of the building as much as possible;  4)  To provide more easily accessible bathroom facilities that are ADA compliant;  5) To provide kitchen facilities on the first floor level that will support functions to be held in the building; and 6) To improve the ergonomics of Pro Shop and Lounge operations by relocating the Pro Shop nearer to the bar.  Question was raised about how the staging of any construction work could be done; especially at what point ADA bathroom facilities would have to be constructed.  Also questioned were the requirements that might be attendant to utilizing the kitchen in a restaurant capacity.   Various designs for the expansion were discussed, such as expanding left and right, or off the back continuing the roof line, or off the back perpendicular to the roof line.

19)   It was decided that the three EZGO carts remaining should be sold and the equity therein be used to purchase (or defray the cost of) one more used Yamaha.  The sale could be to private individuals on or off Frye Island, or traded for the Yamaha.  Bruce is to work with Jay on the matter.

20)   The following clubhouse and/or course improvement projects were given the timeframe for action indicated in parentheses:

Major Capital Cost

1.      Stone/timber curbing for first tee box. (This year or 2-5 years)

2.      Restructure and Level 5th Hole Tee. (This year)

3.      Expand Club House (2-5 years)

4.      Driving Range (Long term)

5.      Putting Green/Practice Bunker (Long term)

6.      Adding additional Tee Boxes (Long Term)

7.      Adding the Back Nine Holes (Long Term)


Minor Capital Cost

1.      Build a ramp and entrance steps into the golf shed. (This year)

2.      Complete landscaping, parking and stone for Parking Lot, Clubhouse, and Shed areas; and replace dead shrubs. (This year)

3.      Loaming over the holes and ruts on the fairways, such as those on the 9th Hole. (This year and 2-5 years)

4.      Replacing the plastic/aluminum chairs and tables in front of the Lounge with built-in benches at the perimeter of the concrete pad.  (2-5 years)

5.      New Air conditioner(or add one in the pro shop) (Investigate need)

6.      Fountain on Hole 6  (This year) (Chris is to solicit information on fountain)

7.      Print Yardage Guide Booklet (Investigate cost and need)


Greens keeping Staff  (or Lounge Staff)

1.      Projects that enhance course safety for golfers, employees, and equipment in addition to their usual course maintenance (Yearly)

2.      Expand the pond on 5 forward toward the green to improve drainage.(This year)

3.      Repairing, re-leveling, and reseeding tees where needed. (2-5 Years)

4.      Aerate and top-dress tees (This year)

5.      Perform drainage work on 2nd Hole (Over next few years as staged project).

6.      Remove the dirt mound on the 9th Hole and plant grass. (This year)

7.      Add Bunker on 7 (Long term)

8.      Remove Bunker on 5 (2-5 years)

9.      Improve definition of the cart path on 3 and 6 and add bluestone (2-5 years)


Membership (Minimal Cost)

1.      Replace the signage near the Fire Department to aid those trying to find the Golf Course. (This year)

2.      Repairing of rotting wood at the door entrance and adding a screen to the Pro Shop. (This year)

3.      Clearing of brush, branches and rocks from wooded areas in selected parts of the course to allow golfers a more reasonable opportunity to play out of the woods. (Yearly)

4.      Get sound system reliably operational (This year)


21)    Mark will contact Bob Roberts regarding functionality of the sound system.

22)     While the exact amount of Reserve as we move into 2005 is not fully clear at this point, it appears to be in excess of $30,000.  The decision was made to subdivide this reserve into a Golf Operational Reserve and a Golf Equipment Reserve.  Starting in 2005, money ($10,000) will be place into the Golf Equipment Reserve account each year.  It is the intention of the Golf Committee that after the second payment (the 2005 payment) is made on the tractor (and two payments remain), there will be $10,000 in the Golf Equipment Reserve account.  Further, it was decided that we will aim to maintain a minimum of  $5,000 in the Golf Operational Reserve account for emergencies.  Thus, since Reserves are in excess of $30,000 (see Section 4 above concerning 2004 Financials), there is in excess of  $15,000  available for projects to be accomplished in 2005.

23)   A motion was made by Bruce and seconded by Bill to recommend to the Executive Committee that $10,000 from Reserve be spent in 2005 on the following projects:  a) Restructure and Level 5th Hole Tee at a cost of approximately $6,000; and b)  Continue the shed project by finishing the siding, building a ramp and entrance steps, completing the fence, and landscaping the shed area, including extending bluestone from the shed to the clubhouse and down the cart paths on Hole 1 and Hole 9, at a cost of approximately $2,500; and c) Install a fountain in the pond between Hole 6 and Hole 3 at a cost of approximately $1,500.  Unanimously approved.


24)   A motion was made by Bruce and seconded by Tom to recommend to the Executive Committee that the following changes be made to the Policy Handbook:  1)  Delete the “2004” from the front page and place in the footer the date approved by the Golf Committee and the date approved by the Executive Committee; 2)  Change Section 8(f) to read, “All Pro Shop credits not expended by the end of the golf season shall expire”; and 3) Delete Section 11(d).  Unanimously approved.





    1.  Future Meeting Dates as follows:


Monthly meeting schedule May through October to be second Sunday.



1)     Adjourned at 5:00 PM.


Minutes approved via the Internet on February 19, 2005.


Respectfully submitted,


Bruce C. Nisula

Secretary, Golf Club Committee