Frye Island Golf Course


Minutes of Meeting of September 26, 2004



A.  MEMBERS PRESENT:  Bill Gately, Paul Lyons, Mike Mazzola, Bruce Nisula, and Mark Thomas.




C.    LOCATION:  Leisure Lounge


D.   CALL TO ORDER:  Director Thomas called the Meeting to order at 11:20 AM.


E.    PRIOR MINUTES:  The draft Minutes of the prior meeting had been previously revised and approved by unanimous vote over the internet.





1.)     1) As of last week, our revenues have exceeded the budgeted amount for the year, and our expenses are well behind the amount budgeted for the year as would be expected (salary expenses continue to accrue throughout the fiscal year).  Thus, we can reasonably expect to end the year with positive cash flow, which will be added to our Capital Reserve account.  Pro-Shop Credits, which are placed into a liability account show up as revenue when purchases are made in the Pro-Shop.  Mark is going to track that account to assure that the entries into the liability account are proceeding as expected.

2.)     Our inventory of carts seems adequate for general purposes.  Mark will ask Laura how often all of them are rented, so that we can judge the need for purchasing any additional carts.  It was deemed wise to sell the EZGO’s, as they are unsightly and relatively unstable.  For our larger tournaments, we will continue to lease carts.

3.)     There are 4 Tee Markers available for advertising.

4.)     Workday is October 3.  Bill will direct the work, which will be a few hours of clearing brush and running it through the chipper.  Bruce will alert Jay and John about our needs for equipment on that day.

5.)     The TV Music will be discontinued after the October Best Tournament.

6.)     The Club House Expansion project is in need of a designated scope and construction plan so that we can begin developing a strategy for funding.  Our current seating capacity is 37 people, but expanding seating capacity would probably be a second or third stage of the expansion.  A logical long term goal is to be able to accommodate a full outside tournament of 72 people, to be able to serve a similar number at our banquets and barbecues, and to be able to seat a majority of our “future” membership.  Bathrooms on the main floor would be nice, but in as much as the ones upstairs meet our needs, they should not be in the initial phase of the expansion, which would meet our need for better kitchen facilities.  Paul has had preliminary conversations with John Riley about the building’s possibilities.  Paul will prepare a rough draft that can be a focus for further discussions at the Winter Meeting.


1.)  A variety of agenda items were tabled to the Winter Meeting including Handicap Subcommittee Report, Smoker Accommodation Report, Welcoming Letter, Committee Assignments, and Pro Shop Operations (possible catalogue ordering system rather than carrying a large inventory to meet the needs of the Membership).

2.)  It was agreed that as a matter of policy Town employees would be provided complimentary Greens Fees, but would be expected to pay for cart usage or to pay Trail Fees to use their own carts.



    1.  Future Meeting Dates as follows:


Every third Sunday immediately after the Sunday Scramble.  Next Meeting is the Winter Meeting, about February 1.



1)     Adjourned at 11:55 AM.


Minutes approved via the Internet.


Respectfully submitted,


Bruce C. Nisula

Secretary, Golf Committee