Frye Island Golf Course


Minutes of Meeting of July 18, 2004


A.  MEMBERS PRESENT:   Tom Bishop, Tom Canty, John Kett, Kathy Lyons, Bruce Nisula, Mark Thomas and Maura Sullivan.


B.    OTHERS PRESENT:   David Decker.


C.    LOCATION:  Golf Club Card Room


D.   CALL TO ORDER:  Director Thomas called the Meeting to order at 10:45 AM.


E.    PRIOR MINUTES:  The draft Minutes of the prior meeting had been previously revised and approved by unanimous vote over the internet.





1)     Financials were discussed.  Henceforth, each month we will get a report of the following accounts: revenue to date, expenses to date, awards liability, and capital reserve.

2)     The operating budget is proceeding smoothly this year, following essentially the same pattern as last year.  With respect to accounting methodology, henceforth, all scramble and tournament awards will be made and recorded by the book entry method in the Pro Shop; and all credits will be accounted for in a liability account.  When a purchase is made using a Pro Shop credit, the accountant will make a transfer from the liability account to the Pro Shop sales revenue account. On another accounting issue, if there is no differential sales tax treatment between hard goods and clothing in the Pro Shop, these accounts will be consolidated.  In future years, we can expect the TRIO accounting program to provide us with year-to-year comparisons for up to three years.  Bruce and Mark have been working with Wayne and Calvin on the format for the Golf Course accounts and will submit a draft budget later this month.

3)      The Capital Reserve budget was reviewed.  Payment for the tractor can be made either over three years with payments of 7,293.33 or over four years with payments of 5,470.00; since both are interest free, the latter is preferable.  So far this year, from our Reserve of about 23,500, we have paid out 2,178 on the tractor and 3,385.87 on the carpet and shed.  Assuming the four year schedule is used, this year an additional tractor payment of 3,292 is due. Our insurance payment, which was inadvertently not included in the current operations budget, is being broken out by the agent and should fall somewhere between 5,500 and 7,000; it may have to be paid from Capital Reserve if  revenue is not sufficient.  The consensus of the Committee was that forward going during each year the Golf Committee would maintain a minimum balance in the Capital Reserve account equal to our loan/installment liabilities for the next fiscal year (for example, the tractor payment due in 2005) plus some extra set aside for emergencies.  The amount extra will be more formally determined at the winter meeting when financials for a period of two full consecutive years will be available.  For now, no additional projects, which would require spending from the Capital Reserve account, are contemplated for this year.  The planned furniture purchase ($500) for this year has been put on hold.

4)     The Handbook will be discussed at the Executive Committee Meeting next week.  Bruce and Mark will work on revisions pursuant to that meeting and circulate a revised copy for comment prior to resubmitting to the Executive Committee.  Kathy will send out the current version as a Word file, and after all approvals, she will prepare it for the website.

5)     It was agreed that Frye Island Golf Course should have a formal Handicap Subcommittee in order to be in compliance with USGA rules.  Kathy, Tom C., and Bruce volunteered.  They are to prepare our procedures to be compliant with the USGA rules, submit them to the golf Committee for approval, and thereafter implement them. Kathy has previously agreed to be our “USGA Handicaps Person” and to take the obligatory USGA course on handicaps.

6)     Kathy has drafted a welcoming letter addressed to new Frye Islanders, which will henceforth be sent to newcomers to make them aware of the Lounge and Golf Course and its Memberships.  She is to obtain a list of recent new owners from the Town Office.

7)     The new carpet is a wonderful addition to the Lounge; however, there are a few areas where defects in the installation need to be corrected.  Paul is in charge of contacting the contractor.

8)     Laura will order the music feature from the satellite service.

9)     The practice of last minute sign-up for tournaments needs to be discouraged.  One way we will try to encourage earlier sign-up is earlier notification (via email and posting) and another is to send a reminder via email.

10) John Kett needs some help with the Saturday night dinner at the Member-Guest. 

11) The Pro that is offering lessons on the Island is paying attention to teaching his students proper etiquette, non-abusive course use and compliance with course rules.

12) John will follow-up with a Smoke Accommodation Report at the next meeting.

13) Two Tee Markers have been sold and four remain available.  Maura, Tom B., and Bruce will contact Trashy Ladies, Fogg, and Sterling Pest Control.  It was moved and seconded that new markers be sold for $275 for two years plus the cost of the granite plaque (about $80).  Unanimously approved.



1.)    An Ice Cream Social has been scheduled for Sunday night of Labor Day Weekend. 

2.)    Whether or not to permit high season Outside Tournaments was discussed briefly.  The consensus was to discourage these on weekends, unless only a few tee times would be required.

3.)    Various ideas for making the Lounge more attractive for Island residents and renters were discussed.  Having free or reduced price food items like tacos or wings will be tried.  Advertising the availability of TV events like baseball games or boxing matches will be tried.  Music for dancing could be piped to the outside speakers and dancing on the patio made available weather permitting.  A drawing for a free round of golf based on ferry ticket stubs was suggested.  It was recognized that the key to all of these was good advertising.  Further, it was suggested that we try having Laura develop a Lounge Activities Calendar for inclusion in the FINS advertising section.

4.)    John noted that people should drop off new gifts for the Chinese Auction to be held on August 7 at the Lounge.  John will be using the Golf Course internet mail site at to make the Membership aware of the Member Guest event and to solicit their support for the Auction.

5.)    There have been complaints about groups jumping to open holes instead of lining up for the first tee, and larger than allowed groups (for example, five or six).  According to the rules, these are not allowed.  During high season, the Committee will pay extra attention to enforcing compliance.  Also, the Golf Committtee will send out a request to the Membership asking that people not commute to and from the Clubhouse via the course.

6.)    The end of the year Pro Shop Inventory will include wholesale prices.

7.)    The next workday will be September 19.  Future advertising should state both a start time and a finish time, so that volunteers can plan their participation within specified limits.

8.)    It was moved and seconded that the Golf Course pay for an email site with Unanimously approved.

9.)    Whether or not the Golf Course would want a walking/cart path from High Point Road to the 7th Tee was discussed.  It was generally agreed for various reasons that such access should be avoided.  Walkers and hikers using the path would inadvertently be exposed to injury.  The Golf Course needs to minimize the number of points by which scofflaws and vandals can gain access to the Course.  Allowing golfers to leave and return along such a path will interfere with the pace of play.  A motion was made and seconded that the path between Lots between 1737 and 1738 not be developed for access to the Golf Course.   Unanimously approved.

10.)Whether or not to place a portable rest room facility somewhere along the 6th hole was discussed.   These portable potties are quite expensive to maintain, with the main cost being the contract for regular emptying (in excess of $500 for the season).  It was pointed out that throughout the Town, vandals regularly target restrooms; cherry bombs are set off inside; human excrement is smeared on them; and commonly such units are pushed over, creating a costly mess.  Thus, cost and vandalism are major issues.  It was noted that most 9 hole golf courses do not provide restroom facilities.  Finally, question was raised concerning the extent of the membership’s motivation in light of the associated cost and problems.  It was moved and seconded to discuss the issue further at the Annual Membership Meeting if someone brings it up.  Unanimously approved.



    1.  Future Meeting Dates as follows:


Every third Sunday immediately after the Sunday Scramble.  September Meeting is September 26, a week later due to Workday.



1)    Adjourned at 12:30.


Minutes approved via the Internet.


Respectfully submitted,


Bruce C. Nisula

Secretary, Golf Club Committee