Frye Island Golf Course


Minutes of Meeting of June 5, 2004



A.  MEMBERS PRESENT:   Tom Bishop, Tom Canty, Chris Decker, John Kett, Kathy Lyons, Paul Lyons, Bruce Nisula, and Maura Sullivan.


B.    OTHERS PRESENT:   Laura Crosby and Mark Thomas.


C.    LOCATION:  Golf Club Lounge


D.   CALL TO ORDER:  Secretary Nisula called the Meeting to order at 5:10 PM.


E.    PRIOR MINUTES:  The draft Minutes of the prior meeting had been previously revised and approved by unanimous vote over the internet.







1)     With Director Tedford’s resignation, the Committee recognizes that it has lost a charismatic and valuable leader, whose contributions over the past several years have been outstanding.

2)     The approved Handbook policy concerning the resignation of the Director states as follows:  “In the event that the Golf Committee Director’s position becomes vacant, the Golf Committee can appoint a replacement to fill the position until the next election.”  Bruce Nisula moved that Mark Thomas be appointed to the position of Director of Golf.  Paul Lyons seconded the motion.  Unanimously approved.

3)     Director Thomas requested that Secretary Nisula continue to serve as the Presiding Officer of the Meeting.

4)     Bruce’s report on the pros and cons of the proposed transfer of the Golf Course was discussed briefly.  He agreed to send emails to the Membership to inform them that the Committee’s recommendation is in favor of the transfer.  Mark also suggested that the Committee encourage FII to make the transfer language assure that a) The Course be continuously maintained; b) The Course not be closed down; c) The Course not be subject to any special fees that are not also charged to all other amenities; and d) The positive cash flow generated by the Course go back into the Course.  The language should also indicate that if the Town fails to meet these requirements or if something were to happen to the Town, the ownership of the course would revert back to FII.  (This language should apply to any FII amenity that is transferred to the Town).

5)     Our golf handicap system was discussed.  Tom agreed to perform some research on how courses near his home operate their systems.  Kathy agreed to be our “USGA Handicaps Person” and to take the obligatory USGA course on handicaps.

6)     A welcoming letter to new Frye Islanders will be drafted by Kathy and henceforth sent to newcomers to make them aware of the Lounge and Golf Course and its Memberships.

7)     The Lounge air-conditioner was leaking.  Paul and Bruce took it down, cleaned it, and repositioned it.

8)     Special recognition of recent contributions and accomplishments were as follows:  a)  The meeting room has been beautifully refinished (moldings replaced and walls painted) by Karen and Phil Spring; b)  Marge Hommel contributed several days of work re-installing the computer’s software so we can operate our GHIN program; c)  Margaret Miner planted flowers in the window planters; d)  Laura does a great job with our section of the FINS.

9)     Paul is in charge of organizing the installation of carpeting in the lounge.

10) It was moved and seconded that the Golf Course may offer a weekday foursome to local charitable raffles. Unanimously approved.  The public relations and advertising value of doing so was discussed.

11)   Favorable comments were received on the recent Tournament run by Maura and the Turkey Dinner prepared by Paul, Lorraine, Patsy, Sue, Rose and Margaret.

12)  Bruce will ask Ron Vaillancourt for some details about his plan for giving golf lessons.

13) Tom Canty reported that Tee Marker invoicing has been set in motion.  He will report on receipts at a later meeting and investigate vendors for markers.




1.)    Bruce will install internet access ( on the computer for Laura and the Committee to use.  The service can be suspended in November and resumed in May. He will continue to maintain the Oddpost mailbox.

2.)    Mark will run the Steak and Hot Dog Tournament.  In anticipation of the event, Bruce and Sue are donating a used Weber grill to the Lounge.

3.)    An Ice Cream Social has been scheduled.  Tom Bishop will need some help from a volunteer or two.

4.)    It was moved and seconded that Weekday Passes be issued for 5 consecutive weekdays, which shall not include holidays that fall on weekdays.  Unanimously approved. Thus, they may be used on weekdays in two consecutive weeks.

5.)    Bruce and Paul will investigate installing a screen door in the Pro-Shop.

6.)    A workday is scheduled for Sunday, June 27, after the scramble under the direction of Paul.  The goals will be to remove the failing portion of the roof and the wood shingle siding; and then to make the roof watertight.  The application of gray vinyl siding with white trim will be done at a later time.  The gray stain left over from last year would be used on the fence.

7.)    John will interview several smokers to see if and how the Lounge can accommodate them (possibly some sort of short roof extended from the building).

8.)    The financials were reviewed.  The material provided by the Town Office was the Expense Detail Report through and including May.   The figures seemed appropriate (however, year to year comparisons will not be available until next year).  The Carpenter Ant Control item seemed unusual and will be further investigated.

9.)    Maura will seek volunteers for tee box flower maintenance.

10.) Laura will explore the cost and availability of sports and music via TV.




    1.  Future Meeting Dates as follows:


Every third Sunday immediately after the Sunday Scramble.  Next Meeting is July 18.



1)    Adjourned at 6:35 PM.


Minutes approved via the Internet.


Respectfully submitted,


Bruce C. Nisula

Secretary, Golf Club Committee