Frye Island Golf Course

Minutes of Meeting of May 16, 2004


A.  MEMBERS PRESENT:   Chris Decker, John Kett, Kathy Lyons, Paul Lyons, Bruce Nisula, Maura Sullivan, and Greg Tedford.


B.    OTHERS PRESENT:   Laura Crosby and Jim Kuiken.


C.    LOCATION:  Golf Club Lounge


D.   CALL TO ORDER:  Director Tedford called the Meeting to order at 10:05 AM.


E.    PRIOR MINUTES:  The  draft of the prior meeting (Winter) had been previously approved by unanimous vote over the internet.





1)     The Minutes of the Winter Meeting were reviewed concerning Greens Fees.  The Policy Handbook, which was approved last year, was left unchanged at the Winter Meeting for 2004, with respect to the $25 discount for Members making payment prior to May 15.  Other methods for encouraging timely payments from the Membership were discussed, such as making a $25 penalty for those paying after May 15 (which is in effect what we do now), or charging regular Greens Fee rates for all those not current as of a particular date, but the latter was judged to be draconian.  Accordingly, it was decided not to alter current policy, which to date has been achieving the desired goal—getting the year going with a satisfactory initial cash flow.

2)     The emergency shut off valve is in place, thanks to the efforts of Jimmy Kuiken and John Kett.  After the system becomes pressurized this year, it will be adjusted and activated.

3)     Greg spoke with Calvin about procedures for handling accounting for golf certificates and member book credits.  In the future, cash received for a credit will result in an entry to the balance sheet and an entry of an accrued liability.  When the credit is used for a purchase, the revenue from the sale of merchandise will be realized and the liability eliminated.

4)     Kathy is working on revisions to the 2004 Policy Handbook, which will be circulated in draft form to the Committee shortly.

5)     There was discussion about organizational and administrative issues concerning the management of the Golf Course now and in the future in light of the forthcoming vote on a transfer of the Golf Course ownership from FII to the Town.  Jimmy Kuiken made several salient observations during the discussion.  It was decided that the Golf Committee should consider the issue at its next meeting, and communicate to the Membership its recommendation concerning the vote.  Bruce volunteered to take on the task of seeking further information from officials within FII and the Town in order to prepare a recommendation to the Membership that would be approved by the Committee at the next meeting.

6)     With respect to proposed capital expenditures for this fiscal year, the tractor purchase (over the next three years) and the shed ($2,000) have been approved.  The Town is on the verge of purchasing a dump truck with which we can save a good deal by picking up our own stone, sand, etc., which will reduce the cost of Blue Stone substantially.  Replacing the rug has been explored by Paul, and a good deal appears on the horizon, so we will seek approval for the purchase.

7)     We were informed that the $6,500 transfer from FII to the Golf Course Capital Reserve (for the Parking Lot project) has not yet been accomplished.

8)     Bruce and Joe now have an email system in place on the website.  Laura will attempt to get email addresses from the Membership as she collects their fees.


1.)    Due to personal time conflicts, Greg tendered his resignation from the Golf  Committee;  his resignation will be accepted at the next meeting when the election of a new Golf Director will be held. 

2.)    It was decided that rather than issue paper “Gift Certificates” for prizes, Member accounts will be credited, or if a non-Member, a non-Member account will be credited.  This saves the expense of purchasing the certificates themselves, eliminates the additional paperwork, and the necessity of keeping track of the certificates themselves.

3.)    The Board of Selectmen/Board of Island Trustees have determined that the Golf Course should make a payment of the order of $5,500 towards insurance costs from its operation budget this fiscal year and thereafter.  It was not clear whether users of other recreational facilities that are insured also contribute a payment towards insurance (e.g., Community Center based recreational activities, playground, basketball court, tennis courts, ball field, beaches, marinas, boat ramps, pools, etc.). 

4.)    Laura noted that access to the internet was expected to be installed on our computer  by the Town Office, but is still pending.

5.)    Kathy reported that the Pro Shop merchandise is mostly in place and that the cart stickers are ready for distribution.

6.)    The paint for the shed project is now in John Crosby’s possession.  Bruce, Paul, and Jay will make an assessment of the building so that a Member workday can be planned.

7.)    Margaret Miner has volunteered to look after the flower boxes.

8.)    John Kett volunteered to run the Member-Guest Tournament in August.



    1.  Future Meeting Dates as follows:


June 6, 2004; and then every third Sunday immediately after the Sunday Scramble.



1)    Adjourned at 12:25 PM.


Minutes approved via the Internet.


Respectfully submitted,


Bruce C. Nisula

Secretary, Golf Club Committee