Frye Island Golf Course


Minutes of Meeting of September 21, 2003



A.  MEMBERS PRESENT:  Tom Bishop, Tom Canty, John Kett, Kathy Lyons, Paul Lyons, Bruce Nisula, Maura Sullivan, and Greg Tedford.


B.    OTHERS PRESENT:   Laura Crosby.


C.    LOCATION:  Golf Club Lounge


D.    CALL TO ORDER:  Director Tedford called the Meeting to order at 10:55 AM.


E.     PRIOR MINUTES:  The  draft of the prior meeting had been previously approved by unanimous vote over the internet.






1)      In follow-up to her letter, Laura made some recommendations to the Committee as follows:  Staffing next year would be the same as in the current year;  consider discounts in April and October;  consider youth rate on weekends;  consider issuing off season discount coupons;  replace or professionally clean the carpeting in the lounge;  replace the lawn furniture;  develop better methods to inform the membership of the rules and then enforce them (e.g., assuring that family members only are allowed on the course and enforce golf cart rules—supply stickers for 2004 and require tags for “paid carts”).  All these suggestions were favorably received, and where appropriate, will be voted upon at the winter meeting.




1.)     Greg was unanimously re-elected Director of Golf.

2.)     The financial reports were not available for review.

3.)     The Annual Meeting of the Membership resulted in the following elections:  Maura Sullivan, Chris Decker, and Kathy Lyons for terms expiring in 2006; and Tom Canty for a term expiring in 2005.

4.)     Bruce and Paul will be examining the growth in the ponds around six to determine if it is an undesirable vegetation.

5.)     Potential projects that were discussed include the following:  1) Dredging of the ponds in general seemed timely if the drain system for the 6th hole is installed by the Town this fall.  A budget of a few thousand was authorized.  Paul would oversee this work with Bruce’s assistance.

6.)     Bruce will assemble a list of projects and categorized them for the Committee.  The list will then be circulated, approved and prioritized, prior to implementation. 

7.)     Maura will continue to develop her Issues and Actions spreadsheet to serve as an organizing tool for the Course’s staff, committee members, and membership.

8.)     Greg will look into the procedure for collecting the funds committed by FII and the Town for the completion of the Parking Lot.

9.)     Kathy will order new flags and rakes for the course.

10.)  Laura will order new chairs and tables for the patio and deck ($400 approved).  

11.)  Expenditures of $3,000 for dredging of the ponds, $3,000 for repairs to the fairway mower, 1-2000 for loam and other materials for the course, and 1,000 for bluestone gravel were discussed and approved.  Other capital expenditures for this year were put on hold pending a review of the financials (e.g., purchase of golf carts, fertilizer, other projects, etc.)





    1.  Future Meeting Dates as follows:


Every third Sunday immediately after the Sunday Scramble.



1)     Adjourned at 1:25 PM.


Minutes approved via the Internet.


Respectfully submitted,


Bruce C. Nisula

Secretary, Golf Club Committee