Frye Island Golf Course

Minutes of Meeting of August 24, 2003



A.  MEMBERS PRESENT:  Tom Bishop, Tom Canty, Kathy Lyons, Bruce Nisula, and Greg Tedford.




C.    LOCATION:  Golf Club Lounge


D.   CALL TO ORDER:  Director Tedford called the Meeting to order at 10:35 AM.


E.    PRIOR MINUTES:  The  draft of the July, 2003 meeting had been previously approved by unanimous vote over the internet.


F.    EXECUTIVE SESSION : The Committee went into Executive Session to discuss a letter received from an employee.




1)     Bruce will pursue the formation of an E-mail site for use by the Membership and Staff either through 1) Joe Potts and the Frye Island web-site or 2) an internet web-mail site such as Oddpost.

2)     Greg will inquire about the status of credit card availability for the Lounge Manager and the Greenskeeper.




1.)    The financial reports were reviewed.  All areas of the operation, Lounge, ProShop, Cart Rentals, and Greens Fees are contributing to the bottom line, which is satisfactory at this point and can be expected to yield a reasonable Capital Reserve for next year if we stay on track.

2.)    The Annual Meeting of the Membership will follow the Scramble at 10:30 on Labor Day Week-end as usual.  Four new Golf Committee Members are to be sought by election at that time.

3.)    Tom Canty accepted responsibility for the tasks of assessing the status of Tee Marker invoicing and of encouraging interested Club Members to seek additional sponsors.

4.)    Potential projects that were discussed include the following:  1)  Tree trimming in front of some of the Tees; 2)  Repairing of rotting wood at the door entrance to the Pro Shop; 3)  Replacing the plastic/aluminum chairs and tables in front of the Lounge with built-in benches at the perimeter of the concrete pad; 3)  More pond dredging; 4)  Finishing the 9th Tee area construction; and 5 Clearing of brush, branches and rocks from wooded areas in selected parts of the course to allow golfers a more reasonable opportunity to play out of the woods;  5)  Professional cleaning of the Lounge rugs in the spring; and 6)  Painting the Clubhouse and Barbecue this fall, if possible.

5.)    Methods for enhancing the quality, efficiency and organization of inside and outside Tournaments were discussed.  Tom Bishop will draft a Form for recording key information about outside tournaments and a Check List of tasks and communications necessary (to be performed by the Pro Shop, the Tournament Director, the Greenskeeper, and others) to assure the smooth operation of any  Tournament.

6.)    As a matter of standard procedure, the sign-up sheet for a Membership Tournament would be posted the day that the previous tournament is concluded, and the last day for sign-up would be generally be the Sunday before a tournament to allow staff and organizers a week or so to plan for the food, format and other details.

7.)    The Committee decided to encourage the Town to hire an Assistant Greenskeeper this season.  Greg will discuss the plan with the Town Manager.





    1.  Future Meeting Dates as follows:


Every third Sunday immediately after the Sunday Scramble.  The next Meeting, however, is the Annual Meeting, Labor Day Weekend after the Scramble at 10:30.



1)    Adjourned at 12:35 AM.


Minutes were approved via the Internet September 8, 2003.


Respectfully submitted,


Bruce C. Nisula

Secretary, Golf Club Committee