Frye Island Golf Course

Minutes of Meeting of July 20, 2003



A.  MEMBERS PRESENT:  Tom Bishop, John Kett, Kathy Lyons, Paul Lyons, Bob Miner, Bruce Nisula, and Greg Tedford.




C.    LOCATION:  Golf Club Lounge


D.   CALL TO ORDER:  Director Tedford called the Meeting to order at 10:40 AM.


E.    PRIOR MINUTES:  The  draft of the June 15, 2003 meeting had been previously approved by unanimous vote over the internet.






1)     The safety shut-off switch for the irrigation system has been ordered.  John and Jim Kuiken will install it later in the summer.

2)     Financials appear to be in good shape.  Expenditures for salaries are well within budget.  There is a satisfactory net at this point in the year.

3)     The additional part-time employees, Golf Course Maintenance Assistants, are in place (Nick Tedford and Kathleen weekdays and Tom Bishop week-ends)  to empty barrels on tees, clean carts, fill water barrels, maintain ball washers, fill grass seed buckets, clean around the club house and other miscellaneous tasks for about 2 hours of work each day.  Laura is their supervisor and Jay is their resource person.

4)     Discussion concerning how monies from fundraisers would be handled culminated in the conclusion that that such funds would be deposited into our “Fund Raising” account within our accounting system with the Town Office.

5)     A request for a Trail Fee by a non-Member was discussed.  The existing policy that only Members (Charter) are eligible for Trail Fees was continued.

6)     Installation of the drainage pipes for the 6th hole water system has been temporarily delayed.  Greg will work on the details with Wayne.  The ponds remain far too high and the course is being adversely affected.

7)     The Committee expressed its satisfaction with the general condition of the course, especially the greens, which reportedly are in better shape than those at Belgrade and Sugar Loaf.  The work around the 3rd and 5th greens looks well done indeed.




1.)    John, Bruce, Kathy, and possibly Brian will work out the details of the Member Guest Tournament format on Aug 1 when the numbers of entrants are known.

2.)    Stickers to identify which carts belong to Members who have paid their Trail Fees need to be ordered this year for next year’s use.  Kathy is doing this.

3.)    Paul described a practice range facility that he had seen at Belgrade Lakes which might be relatively inexpensive, and yet still attractive to the Membership.  Further investigation of this option will be undertaken.

4.)    Future projects for our priority list include the following:  Finish the 9th hole red tee (Jay gave an estimate of $2,000 for this);  Replace the signage  near the Fire Department to aid those trying to find the Golf Course;  Revise the cart path between the 3rd and 4th holes to make it wider;  Fill in the holes in the rough around the 7th and 9th holes;  Add a guard rail by the pond on the 8th ; Trim the trees encroaching on the cart paths on the 8th and 9th.




    1.  Future Meeting Dates as follows:


Every third Sunday immediately after the Sunday Scramble , the next being August 17, 2003.



1)    Adjourned at 12.10 AM.


Minutes approved via the Internet on 8/4/03.


Respectfully submitted,


Bruce C. Nisula

Secretary, Golf Club Committee