Frye Island Golf Committee

 Minutes of Meeting of May 17, 2003


A.  MEMBERS PRESENT:  Tom Bishop. Tom Canty, John Kett, Kathy Lyons, Paul Lyons, Bob Miner, Bruce Nisula, and Greg Tedford




C.    LOCATION:  Golf Club Lounge


D.    CALL TO ORDER:  The Director called the Meeting to order at 7:35 PM.


E.     PRIOR MINUTES:  The  draft of Winter Meeting Minutes had been previously approved by unanimous vote over the internet.






1)      A notebook containing prepared sign-up sheets and Sunday scramble design will be available in the Club House.  Henceforth, any of the Members can run the scramble using the materials provided in the Scramble Notebook.

2)      Sunday Scramble tee times will be 8 AM during June, July, August and September; and 9 AM during May and October.

3)      It was noted that the drainage on the course had improved in many areas due to the efforts of Jay and his crew to drop the pipe on the 3rd hole, and to clear the pipe outlet and add drainage on the 5th hole.  However, the drainage problems on the 6th hole remain since the Town has not yet replaced the culvert.  Greg is following up with the Town on this issue.

4)      Carts are available for purchase, short term lease and long term lease from various sources--Venture Vehicles in NH (800-521-3703), Harold Hawkes at Gorham Country Club, and ABL.  We have 13 operational carts, which are generally sufficient for Club Membership tournaments and regular play throughout the season since so many Members provide their own carts.  For Outside Tournaments of substantial size (which do not involve many of our Members) we will need to do a short term lease of more golf carts (6 to 23 more depending on size) with one of the above entities.  The person scheduling the Outside Tournament in question needs to assure appropriate number of carts are leased.

5)      Jim Hodge reviewed the condition of the course with Jay and Bruce.  He noted the Snow Mold on the greens and assured that the greens would recover and that Jay was taking the proper actions.  He reviewed and agreed with Jay's plans for fertilizing, pesticide, aeration and top dressing this year; and he made procedural suggestions for a variety of other course items or projects underway.

6)      The drainage projects on the 3rd and 5th holes will be completed as soon as practical this spring. 

7)      Contact has been made with Mr. Cornish, who expressed much interest in the state and progress of the course.  He provided some historical materials, but these were not detailed enough to meet our current needs.

8)      It was agreed that it would be desirable to have some sort of sensor control that would shut off the pump if a break in an outflow pipe occurs.  Also, a map of the positions of electrical and water supply designs and head positions will be developed later this year. The irrigation system issues are continuing to get attention from John and Bruce.

9)      The Pro Shop inventory, pricing, ordering, and returns of inappropriate merchandise have been attended to.  Membership bag tags and serially numbered greens fee bag tags are expected imminently.

10)    Preliminary indication is that people volunteering at the Golf Club enjoy the same municipal protections from personal liability as do other Town volunteers.  Greg will obtain written reassurance for Committee Members.

11)    Clarification of the free play issue is an action item for Greg. 

12)    Our Membership Book is now up-to-date.

13)    Paul will install a new screen door for the Pro Shop entrance.

14)    Some funds to initiate The Parking Lot project have been committed.  Paul and Bob will explore setting up some contracts, will obtain better definition of what can be accomplished within the allotted budget, and will continue their focus on the project. 




1)     In order to maintain our liquor license, we are required to place some sort of fence around the patio area where patrons will be consuming alcoholic beverages.  Tom Bishop is taking up this action item this coming week.




    1.  Future Meeting Dates as follows:


June 8, 2003, immediately after the Sunday Scramble.



1)     Adjourned at 10 PM.


Minutes approved via the Internet May 21, 2003.


Respectfully submitted,


Bruce C. Nisula

Secretary, Golf Club Committee