Frye Island Golf Course

Town of Frye Island


Minutes of Golf Committee Meeting of February 1 and 2, 2003


A.    MEMBERS PRESENT: Tom Bishop, Tom Canty, Wayne Fournier, John Kett, Kathy Lyons,  Bruce Nisula, and Greg Tedford

B.    OTHERS PRESENT:   David Decker, BIT Executive Committee Representative

C.    LOCATION:  Hawthorn Suites, Andover, Massachusetts

D.    CALL TO ORDER:  The Director called the Meeting to order at 10:00 AM, February 1, 2003, and then called a recess at 6:00 PM until 8:00 AM the following day.

E.     PRIOR MINUTES:  The draft of the September 29, 2002, Meeting Minutes was approved by unanimous vote.  It was moved and seconded that all future minutes of the Golf Committee be reviewed by the Golf Committee over the internet by e-mail with all corrections and objections sent to the Secretary and copied to the Committee Members; and a corrected version sent to the Members and approved by e-mail shall stand approved as if considered at a meeting, provided no Member requests a delay of consideration until the next meeting of the Committee.   Approved unanimously.




1)      Review of  Significant Changes During 2002 

a)     Completed first year of fertilization and course maintenance with new equipment

b)     Recovered third green from disease

c)     Established rough cut and fairway layouts with new equipment

d)     Added reseeding containers to tee boxes

e)     Established better, larger and more easily maintainable tee boxes

f)       Cleared trees between third green and fourth tee to improve sun exposure

g)     Installed drainage on fifth fairway

h)     Installed fence at entrance of maintenance barn

i)       Thinned trees to improve sun exposure on fifth tee

j)       Began expansion of parking lot

k)     Installed rotisserie in BBQ pit

l)       Obtained preliminary quotes on driving range

m)   Golf course consultants, Gerry White (Superintendent, Point Sebago) and Jim Hodge (Superintendent, Val Halla), reviewed course

n)     Installed new flooring in club house bathrooms

o)     Began clearing ponds of vegetation

p)     Purchased power washer

q)     Filled depressions to left of third green and behind fifth green

r)      Ceased use of upstairs of club house as apartment


2)     Membership Survey and Communications :  Wayne will work with Joe Potts to set up to set up a “survey” and “suggestions box” on the web-site that people could use to send comments to the golf course via an e-mail address.

3)     Drawing/Survey/Layout of golf course would be useful for planning fertilization schedules and amounts and for recording the desired shape of the rough. Cornish, the original designer would be approached with a request for an original design drawing for our use.  John agreed to research this.

4)     Upstairs glass doors at the front of the building are to be blocked to prevent someone from inadvertently opening them and falling onto the patio below.  Paul would be approached about his interest in installing safety rails.

5)     Fall Work:  Jay reported that a drainage system was installed on fifth fairway and the pond drainage on the third fairway was revised.

6)     Golf Carts:  The value of trying to maintain older golf carts in perpetuity was seriously questioned.  It was decided to halt fixing the older carts.  Substituting leased carts as needed was deemed the appropriate approach pending anaylsis of used and new cart costs.  Bruce agreed to research the cart issue.

7)     Worker Safety Policies:  It was agreed that as a matter of policy employees were not to undertake any remotely hazardous projects without a co-worker to aid them in the event of an emergency.  Wayne will review, update, and disseminate the Town’s safety guidelines.

8)     Volunteer Indemnification:  Wayne will consult the Town lawyer to determine what appropriate steps need be taken to indemnify people who volunteer to perform functions for the benefit of the Golf Course, and hence, the Town.

9)     Financials:  The financial information available for 2002 (which is not final at this point) was reviewed.  It seems clear that there will be an overall deficit for operations when the final numbers come in.  We commence the 2003 Fiscal Year with a plan to stay strictly within the operating budget.  This is especially critical because we have no capital reserves. 

10) It was pointed out that the average golf course spends approximately $45,000 per hole on golf course maintenance; thus, it is quite remarkable what a wonderful course has been developed and maintained on Frye Island over the years on a mere fraction of that amount.   Never have so few done so much with so little.  A huge amount of the credit goes to Jay and his staff who are devoted workers and to the Membership who volunteer their skills, time, and physical effort to help make it all happen.

11) As a routine, Purchase Orders are to be submitted to and approved by the Town Manager prior to funds being committed on behalf of the Golf Course.  All receiving slips are to be sent to the Town Manager.

12) Capital Reserves: For the 2003 Fiscal Year there are no funds in the Capital Reserve Account. The result is that we do not have any money set aside at the beginning of the year in order to do capital improvements.  Standard operating procedure would be to request approval from the BIT Executive Committee prior to making any major capital improvements.

13) Contributions and Fund Raisers:  Funds raised through benefits and donations outside of course operations can be placed in specific accounts if raised for specific projects (for example, the Driving Range),  or in a general use account if donated or raised for general use by the Golf Course.  Wayne will help us set up these accounts.

14) Future Budgeting: Now that the Golf Course is under Town management, staying within the approved expense budget is of considerable importance; in short, budget matters are more inflexible than they have seemed in the past.  However, provided revenues during the year exceed the approved expense budget, it may be possible to obtain approval from the BIT Executive Committee for additional spending in the current fiscal year.  Further, as a matter of routine course, all budget surplus (net income) at the end of a fiscal year will be placed in the Golf Course Capital Reserves account for use in future years to accomplish capital improvements.

15) Several strategies for firming up our control of revenue collection and cost reduction were discussed.

16)  Funding for the completion of the parking area project will be sought.  Tom will produce an upgraded version of our existing drawing and then Greg will seek a firm bid for the work to define the amount needed.  Dave Decker from the BIT, requested a plan staging the completion of the project over a couple years in order to spread capital demand over as long a period as practical.  In short, tier the plan to do the minimum basic things first, and add the frills later.

17) Organizational, personnel, and staffing:  It was agreed to move forward without employing a pro. Greg will be the Committee’s ProShop/Lounge Coordinator providing supervisory guidance and setting priorities and policies for the operation of the Pro Shop and Lounge.  A Pro Shop/Lounge Manager would manage the day to day operations.  Bruce will be the Committee’s Golf Course Coordinator providing supervisory guidance and setting priorities and policies for the operation of the golf course and greenskeeping.  A Greenskeeper would manage the day to day operations of course maintenance. Henceforth, Greg and Bruce will be responsible for interpreting and communicating the Committee’s priorities in their respective areas. In concert with the Town Manager, they will implement BIT and Golf Committee plans, priorities and policies.  Kathy will be the Committee’s Pro Shop Retail Coordinator providing supervisory guidance in the purchasing of goods to be sold in the Pro Shop.  Tom Bishop will be the Tournament Coordinator responsible for setting the tournament schedule and assuring that the sponsor of a tournament adequately manages the tournament requirements, such as advertising in the FINS, posting sign-ups, providing for food and beverage, supplies, golf carts, staffing, etc.  The Tournament Coordinator does not initiate or run all tournaments, but is responsible for providing guidance and assuring that they are run properly.  Greg will be Workday Coordinator, setting dates and projects.  John will be Sunday Scramble Coordinator responsible for advance planning, timing, rules, and event design (tees used, drives used, method of tie resolution, etc.).  On the Sunday, other Members will use this plan to run the Scramble.  Volunteers to serve as Coordinators for Fund Raisers and Social Events will sought from the Membership.

18) It was agreed that as a matter of policy Time Cards showing hours worked and tasks performed in any given work period would be required when requesting a pay check for an employee.

19) Purchase Order Authorization and Performance Review for the Greenskeeper will be performed by the Town Manager.  However, the Golf Course Coordinator will advise the Town Manager about Golf Course priorities with respect to Purchase Order Authorization.

20)  It was suggested that there should be some analysis of current structure of the Lounge/Pro Shop to determine if we might achieve better efficiency with a different structure.

21) Serially numbered bag tags will be issued by the Pro Shop to those paying greens fees.  The presence of serial numbers will permit 1) Better tracking of greens fees received and usage data; and 2)  On course monitoring of customer green fee compliance by marshals.   All golfers are required to display either a valid (for them) Member tag or a valid numbered bag tag.  Kathy, as Pro Shop Retail Coordinator, agreed to procure the serialized tags.

22) The Pro Shop will be open earlier this year on Fridays and Saturdays to accommodate those customers who are early bird golfers.

23)   At each Scramble it will be announced that a Daily Trail Fee and a signed liability waiver are required of all members who are operating a non-Course cart without a Trail Fee sticker, and all non-members operating a non-Course cart.

24) Personnel:  Jay will be the Greenskeeper. Various scenarios for other staff positions were discussed and a contingency plan was agreed upon.   For example, there is a need for an additional part time worker (1 to 2 hours per day) for miscellaneous, but important tasks, such as emptying trash barrels, filling water containers (having four jugs would add efficiency over two), sorting returnables, distributing divot mix to the tees, and filling ball washers.  It was agreed to try filling such a position if staffing patterns leave some room in that section of the budget.

25) Greg will be supervising Club House business activities and procedures such as opening, closing, transaction recording, and cashing up.

26) Kathy will assess the status of the upstairs room at the Club House and recommend what needs to be done to prepare it for use as a Card Room and Meeting Room.

27) The exterior of the Club House should be evaluated to determine if it should be stained/painted.  Greg, who is the Workday Coordinator, will look into making this a member workday project if restaining/painting is necessary.

28) With respect to the basement, it was decided that 1) It needs a thorough cleaning (a work day project for a few members); 2) Standards for use and maintenance of the area need to be established and posted; 3)  The card table would be moved upstairs to create more room for storage; 4)  All assets therein will be kept under lock and key; and 5)  The button controlling the door will be fixed.

29) A new storm door for the Pro Shop was approved.  Note that this approval in no way constitutes approval of a purchase order, which will be necessary for one of us to purchase the door. 

30) An idea to establish a “Project List” for Membership volunteers was met with great enthusiasm.  Thus, any member could sign up to take on a particular project (approved by the Committee).  That member would submit a purchase order to obtain whatever materials were necessary (or purchase the materials with their own money if they wish), and then proceed to complete the project.

31) An analysis of the revenue projection from a Driving Range indicated that there would not be enough revenue to operate the range AND pay off a loan.  Question was raised about the enthusiasm of the Membership to contribute the capital necessary for development and construction.

32) In light of the previous issue and the general problem of unavailability of capital for improvements, it was decided to propose to the Membership the institution of Annual Membership Assessment Fees.  Simply stated, each year at the Annual Meeting the Membership by vote would establish what the ensuing year’s Assessment Fee would be.  In years with exciting or critical projects, extra money could then be approved by the membership and all members would contribute.

33) Among various revenue enhancement strategies discussed were the following: 1)  Develop a promotion with Krainin; 2)  Develop a joint venture package with Point Sebago that would feature play at both courses; 3) Tournament Coordinator to improve communication, scheduling, and service for Non-Member Tournaments; 4) Establish profitability goals for merchandise in Pro Shop;  5) Facilitate fund raisers and social events at the Lounge; 6) Eliminate the three day pass; and 7) Open the Pro Shop at 7 AM on Fridays and Saturdays during high season.

34) Kathy will locate the domestic partner definitions as previously developed for use in the 2003 handbook and forward same to Secretary.

35) Raising alcoholic drink prices by 15% and then rounding to the nearest half dollar was unanimously approved.  Non-alcoholic beverage prices will remain unchanged.

36) Five Year Plan Committee was re-named Long Term Planning Committee.  It was agreed that any person in the Membership who was interested in being a Member would be approved as a Member of that Committee.  The Long Term Planning Committee would report to (i.e., be a Subcommittee of) the Golf Committee.  This year’s Members drawn from the Golf Committee are as follows:  Greg, Tom C., John, Bruce, Paul, and Bob M. (if he accepts appointment).  The first meeting will be held sometime in June to be determined at the May 18 Meeting of the Golf Committee.

37) Payment of Membership Fees would as a routine matter be accepted ONLY at the Town Office and not at the Pro Shop.  Membership Bag Tags and an information packet including a survey pamphlet will be handed out at that time.  Kathy agreed to procure membership tags for 2003.

38) The Adopt-A-Hole program will be continued this year as last year.  A note will be put in the FINS by Wayne that the Committee will be anticipating the list of caretakers will remain the same unless notified to the contrary.

39) Due to the limited access to capital, all spending and projects will have to be carefully prioritized to ensure that our budget does not get out of balance.  Greg and Bruce will be providing Committee oversight of spending in their respective areas. 

40) It was unanimously approved that winter work would be focussed on preparing for routine maintenance of the Golf Course, and there would be no work on special projects (included in the latter category is work on EZGO golf carts).

41) Wayne will look into the status of the replacement of the culvert that drains the sixth hole.

42) Our MSGA affiliation must be renewed to maintain our access to the GHIN system.

43)  It was recognized that the irrigation system of the Golf Course is a critical component deserving of someone to oversee issues pertaining to its operation.  John Kett will be attending to it and providing documentation of necessary procedures for future use.

44) Free play, an issue submitted by Paul, was discussed.  The Golf Course policy on this issue awaits input from the Town.

45) Various methods for improving communications were endorsed as follows:  a)  Prepare an update information packet for each member; b)  Encourage Membership use of web-site as a “bulletin board” and “suggestion box”; c)  Lounge Manager maintains a bulletin board at the Club House; d)  A Suggestion Box will be constructed and displayed in the Club House; e) Improve news and information delivery to FINS in accord with Wednesday publishing deadline.

46) It was agreed that Club House cleaning and post-event maintenance inside and out will be the responsibility of the person organizing the event.

47)  Fee Schedule for 2003

                  Initiation                                   500

                  Family Membership                  725

                  Single Membership                   485

                  Trail Fees                                 150


                  Weekday Adult (>16 yrs)         18

                  Weekday Youth (<17 yrs)        10

                  Twilight Adult                           13

                  Sunday Scramble Fee Only       15

                  Weekend & Holiday                 28


                  Pull Cart (9 or 18 holes)           4

                  9 Hole Golf Cart                       16

                  18 Hole Golf Cart                     26

                  Club Rental (9 or 18 holes)       12

                  Annual Club Storage                 30


(All of the above fees were unanimously approved, except for Family Membership and Trail Fees, which were approved with Tom Bishop voting in the negative.)


48) Tournament Schedule for 2003

                  KICK-OFF CLASSIC                                    MAY 17

                  RYDER CUP (Member/Member)                    MAY 24

                  MIXED CHALLENGE                                    JUN 7

                  FATHER’S DAY PARENT CHILD                JUN 15

CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP                  

INDEPENDENCE OPEN                               JUL 5

DRIVE&DANCE East vs. West                      JUL 19

MEMBER/GUEST                                          AUG 9&10

PRESIDENT’S CUP                                       AUG 30

SHOOT-OUT                                                 SEP 20

OCTOBER’S BEST                                        OCT 11

49) The Golf Committee accepted Wayne Fournier’s resignation with regrets.  Unfortunately, as Town Manager and with his other responsibilities he has too many conflicts to remain on the Committee.  He did indicate that he will plan to attend future meetings whenever possible as a nonvoting representative of interest.  He will be missed.  On behalf of the entire Membership, he was thanked for his many years of superb service.




    1.  Future Meeting Dates as follows:


In general, Golf Committee meetings will be held on the third Sunday each month immediately after the Scramble at the Clubhouse.


Next Meeting Sunday May 18, 2003


Annual Meeting of Membership will be held Labor Day Weekend after the Scramble.



1)     Adjourned at 3:30 PM on February 2.


Minutes were approved by the Committee via E-mail on February 17, 2003.


Respectfully submitted,


Bruce C. Nisula

Secretary, Golf Club Committee