Winter Meeting – January 26, 2002

The Golf Committee met at Anne Garceau’s house for the annual winter meeting on January 26, 2002 between 9:00 AM and 5:30 PM.  Attendees included Anne Garceau, John Kett, Kathy Lyons, Greg Tedford, Wayne Fournier, Tom Bishop and Mark Thomas.  Paul Lyons and John Folsom were absent with regrets.

LAST YEAR’S IMPROVEMENTS – Significant events at the Golf Course last year were reviewed.

 WORK IN FALL – The Committee reviewed written reports submitted by Rob and Jay.

DRIVING RANGE – Planning for the driving range is ongoing.  We are evaluating the phosphorous requirements from Portland Water.

TASKS ROB WILL WORK ON THIS WINTER – Rob has been asked to work on the following projects over the winter.

2001 FINANCIALS – The financials were reviewed in detail.  We will need some clarifications before we can determine the final status.  The software package we put into place last year did make it much easier to look into specific details.

2002 ACCOUNTING – We will have the accounting package put on the golf course computer.  In that manner, the office can provide backup discs of the financials on a regular basis.  This will give Rob the capability of more accurately tracking the budget and the Committee can get benefit of financial reports at their monthly meetings.

ICE CREAM SUNDAE NIGHTS – We will run Ice Cream Sundae Nights from 6 to 8 on May 25 and July 7.  They will be held at the Community Center.

FUNDRAISERS – There will be a dinner, dance and Chinese raffle/auction on July 20.

2002 FEE STRUCTURE - The 2002 fees recommended by the Committee are as indicated below:






Initiation Fee


Weekend and Holiday


Family Membership


Three Day Pass


Single Membership


Pull Cart (9 or 18)


Trail Fee


9 Hole Gas Cart


Week Day


18 Hole Gas Cart


Week Day Youth (Under 16)


Clubs (9 or 18)


All Twilight Fees


Club Storage


Scramble Only





There will be a $25 discount of the family or single membership fees received by May 15, 2002. 

UPSTAIRS USE – As Jay is now married the Committee voted to use the area above the Lounge that Jay had previously used for housing.  The specific use for this area will be determined in the spring.  We will check to see if a room in the Community Center can be made available for those few nights when Jay might want to spend the night.

SUB-COMMITTEES – The following sub committee assignments were made:




Liaison with Manager of Golf

Mark Thomas


Wayne Fournier


Tom Bishop

Maine Golf Coordination

Wayne Fournier

5 Year Plan

John Kett, Kathy Lyons, Paul Lyons, Greg Tedford


Liaison – It was agreed that all communication to Rob related to operations, complaints, concerns, suggestions and other golf matters will be through Mark.  We don’t want Rob having to respond to input from several sources.

Handicap – Wayne Fournier will work to develop guidelines related to handicap protocol and submit them to the Committee for review.  Specific items that will be reviewed are penalties to be assessed if scores are not posted and the minimum number of scores required to participate in Member Tournaments.

Tournament – Tom Bishop will work with Rob in developing costs for outside tournaments and submit them to the Committee for review.

Maine Golf Coordinator -  Although Rob will be the primary contact with Maine Golf, Wayne Fournier will be the Committees representative to work with Rob and Maine Golf.

5 Year Plan – John, Kathy, Paul and Greg will develop a detailed 5-year plan.  They will take the items listed at the end of the meeting and provide additional detail.  The detail will include such information as the year the item can be completed, anticipated cost, who will complete the work, whether it will be phased and other coordination issues.  It is anticipated that projects completed in 2002 will be ones that do not require much money to finish.

FII/TOWN ISSUES – The coordination between the golf course and the Town and FII continues in a very positive manner.  FII is currently reviewing the status of all of their assets to determine if any of them should be transferred to the Town.  At this point it looks like transfers are unlikely.  The Committee generally is against a transfer.

GOLF CARTS – We do not anticipate purchasing any additional carts this year.

We will ask Rob to ensure that the current golf carts are properly maintained and cleaned.

EMPLOYEES – Several issues regarding employees were discussed.  As long as he stays within budget, it was agreed that Rob has the authority to hire and fire employees subject to input and approval from the Island General Manager and the Golf Committee.

CLUB TOURNAMENTS – Club Tournaments were set as follows: 



Memorial Day – Rob’s Choice

May 25

Mates and Dates Alternate Swing

June 8

Steak & Hot Dog

July 6

Sing and Swing

July 20


Aug 10 & 11

Night Golf

August 24

Club Championship

Complete by Sept 2

President’s Cup

Sept 1


Sept 14

October’s Best

Oct 12

Rally for a Cure



Rob will run the tournaments with feed back from the Committee after each event.  The only tournament the Committee wants input into prior to the event is the Member Guest.

The Committee will ask Rob to complete a data sheet on each tournament after the event.  The data will include information such as date, format, entry cost, detailed cost of running event, number of participants, prizes and prize winners.

OFF ISLAND TOURNAMENTS - The following schedule was set for Off Island Tournaments: 







Frye Island Invitational

June 22 & 23

Steve Daigle

Sebago Lake Golf Escape

Sept 7 & 8

Mark Thomas

Stevens Tournament


Mr. Stevens

Rally for a Cure


Bobbie Thomas

Maine Businessmen

Sept 21

Maine Businessmen

SMWGA Golf Day

Possibly 10/22

Patty Meyer




St Cyr




Rob is working to schedule additional off-island tournaments – particularly during the week.

SUNDAY MORNING SCRAMBLE – The scrambles will be run by volunteers each week.  Tees will be as follows for each Sunday of the month:

Week 1 – Front Tees
Week 2 – Silver Tees
Week 3 – Gold Tees
Week 4 – Back Tees
Week 5 (if there is a 5th Sunday) – Red Tees

It was agreed that the resolution of ties will be determined by Rob.  We will suggest that he set it up for each Sunday of the month similar to the tees.  Options include matching cards, sudden death playoff, chip offs, putt offs, etc.

SUNDAY AFTERNOON SCRAMBLE – Because of the lack of interest shown last year, the Committee voted to limit the scheduled Sunday Afternoon Scramble to one weekend per month.

STARTING TIME FOR SUNDAY MORNING SCRAMBLE – The Sunday Morning Scramble will begin at 8:00 AM during the high season (which will extend through at least the weekend after labor day), and at 8:30 or 9:00 as determined by the Manager of Golf (Rob).

GOLF PACKAGE/BROCHURE ADVERTISEMENT – The brochure the Committee has been working on for the last year will be printed for distribution around the Frye Island area.

As we had no response to two advertisements in the Portland paper, the Committee voted not to repeat any such advertisement this year.

We will talk to Rental Agents about some sort of golf package.

We may also consider offering some sort of taxi service for boats to the golf course.

GOLF COMMITTEE MEETING SCHEDULE – YEAR 2000 – The Golf Committee will meet on the second Sunday of each month after the morning scramble.  We will ask that Rob prepares a handout for each meeting.  The specific items will be finalized but will include items such as financials, status of issues from last meeting, issues to be addressed, review of the last month and projections for the next month.

The annual General membership Meeting will be after the morning scramble during Labor Day Weekend.

WORK DAYS – Rob will schedule set work days well in advance with tasks to be completed.  These proved to be very useful last year.

AIR CONDITIONER – We need additional air conditioning.  We will try to solve the problem by installing the old air conditioner in addition to the newer one currently installed.  If this does not work we will probably invest in a new air conditioner. 

ADOPT A HOLE – We will ask for volunteers to “Adopt a Hole”.  The primary responsibility will be to maintain flowers around the granite markers.  We will need 12 volunteers for the 12 markers and 3 volunteers for the plantings around the club house.

Also, Rob will generate a list of small projects that can be completed by volunteer members

DRINK PRICES  - Rob will generate a list of proposed drink prices and submit it to the Committee for approval.

PRO SHOP SALES – We will consider sales to get rid of some of the older clothes in the Pro Shop.  The Committee thought is to not allow credits to be used for sales.

SMALL PROJECTS – The following small projects were discussed 

5 YEAR PLAN CLUB HOUSE/COURSE IMPROVEMENTS – These are projects that will considered over the next 5 years.  The list is dynamic and will change often. This effort will continue at their next meeting.  We welcome ideas from the membership.