Winter Meeting – February 3, 2001

The Golf Committee met at Mark Thomas’ house for the annual winter meeting on February 3, 2001 between 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM.  Attendees included Anne Garceau, John Kett, John Folsom, Kathy Lyons, Steve Daigle, Bill Imlach and Mark Thomas.  Bud Faulk and Al Klevan could not make the meeting.


OTOBER 9, 2000 MEETING – The minutes of the October 9, 2000 meeting were reviewed and approved.  The following topics were expanded upon.

Additional items from that meeting were discussed as detailed later in these minutes.


LAST YEAR’S IMPROVEMENTS – The improvements made to the Golf Course last year were reviewed.

FALL/SPRING WORK – The Committee reviewed a written report submitted by Jay Larabee.  The following points were discussed:

The Committee will advise Jay that we want him to proceed in accordance with the following priorities:


1.      Clean Up

2.      Get the course ready for play

3.      Complete the irrigation on 1

4.      Do not complete any more piping on 2 and 9 until given the OK by the Committee.

REVIEW ROLE OF COMMITTEE – The general role of the Committee and its interaction with the FII Board was discussed.


2000 FINANCIALS - When backing out the costs associated with depreciation and the capitol improvements related to the irrigation system, the golf course operated at a net positive cash flow of approximately $900.  The current balance in the auction/raffle fund is $6,484.30.


2001 ACCOUNTING – Starting on January 1, 2001 the FII financials will be tracked through Quicken.  The number of categories for both revenue and expenses has been increased.  This should provide a better tool for tracking and planning our operation.  Mark will get back-up disks from the office at the beginning of each month.  He will generate reports related to the golf course and forward them to all Committee Members.


CASH REGISTERS – We will have new cash registers in the pro shop and lounge.  These will be programmed to provide more information in an easier and more accurate manner.


FINANCIAL SOPs – Rich Roedner is developing Financial SOPs for the entire Island including the Golf Course. 


PURCHASE ORDER SYSTEM – Starting next year, all goods and services will be obtained through an improved purchase order system.


ICE CREAM SUNDAE NIGHTS – We will run Ice Cream Sundae Nights on May 26 and June 30.  They will be held at the Community Center.


FUNDRAISERS – Chinese raffle/auction on July 22.


2001 FEE STRUCTURE - The 2001 fees recommended by the Committee are as indicated below:






Initiation Fee


Weekend and Holiday


Family Membership


Three Day Pass


Single Membership


Pull Cart (9 or 18)


Trail Fee


9 Hole Gas Cart


Week Day


18 Hole Gas Cart


Week Day Youth (Under 16)


Clubs (9 or 18)


All Twilight Fees


Club Storage


Scramble Only





There will be a $25 discount of the family or single membership fees received by May 15, 2001. 


SUB-COMMITTEES – The following sub committee assignments were made:





John Kett,


Bill Imlach, (Chair), John Folsom


Steve Daigle

Maine Golf Coordination

Steve Daigle


Anne Garceau


It was emphasized that all directives to Jay should go through John.


There was a lengthy discussion regarding a replacement for the golf director.  No decision was made.  It will be discussed again during the next meeting.


It was decided (through discussions during the meeting and a vote after the meeting) to make a change in the Policy Handbook related to the Director’s position.  According to the current Handbook, the Director is an FII Board member who is appointed by the FII Board.  It may or may not be a Golf Committee member.  We propose a change by which the Board will appoint an FII Board member to be the liason with the Golf Committee.  The Golf Committee will pick a Director from their Committee.  While it is preferable that they be the same person, it is no longer a requirement.  (In this manner the Golf Committee does not have to worry about having a Director who is not particularly interested in golf).


FII/TOWN ISSUES – The coordination between the golf course and the Town and FII continues in a very positive manner.  FII is currently reviewing the status of all of their assets to determine if any or all of them should be transferred to the Town.  The Committee discussed the pros and cons of transferring the course at length.  No action was required or taken.


TEE TIMES – The Committee decided to offer tee times at all times.


LIQUOR LICENSE  - Mark will discuss with Rich Roedner the liquor licenses to sell alcohol on the course and at the Community Center.


TRINKETS – Bill Imlach will look into purchasing low cost trinkets (like tees and markers) that can be used as gifts at tournaments; and non-dated bag tags.


CLUB TOURNAMENTS – Club Tournaments were set as follows:






Memorial Day

May 26

Steve Daigle


Steak & Hot Dog

July 7

Kathy Lyons

Steak & Hot Dogs

Show Down Hoe Down

July 21

Judy Burgess/Terry Kett

Ham & Bean Dinner


Aug 11 & 12

John Folsom, Mark Thomas

To Be Determined

Club Championship

Complete by Sept 2

Mark Thomas

Combined with President’s Cup

President’s Cup

Sept 2

Bud Faulk

To Be Determined


Sept 22

Anne Garceau


October’s Best

Oct 14

Bill Imlach

To Be Determined

Cross Country

Oct 27

John Folsom


Rally for a Cure


Breast Cancer Benefit



If anyone is interested in running a tournament, please let us know.  New ideas are very welcome.


OFF ISLAND TOURNAMENTS - The following schedule was set for Off Island Tournaments:










Frye Island Invitational

June 2 & 3

Steve Daigle


Sebago Lake Golf Escape

Sept 9 & 10

Mark Thomas


Stevens Tournament

June 30

Mr. Stevens

9 Hole Scramble

Rally for a Cure

August 18

Bobbie Thomas


Maine Businessmen

Sept 15

Maine Businessmen


SMWGA Golf Day

Oct 2 or 16

Patty Meyer



*   Added after meeting


**   Patty Meyer has arranged for a tournament with SMWGA (Southern Maine Women’s Golf Association).  We have been trying to get Maine Golf Association to have a tournament on the Island for years. 

The Stevens tournament is a nine hole scramble for between 50 and 75 golfers starting at 11:00 AM.


The Committee is working to schedule additional off-island tournaments – particularly during the week.  See the discussions below on Golf Packages.


SUNDAY SCRAMBLES – Steve Daigle will coordinate the Sunday morning scrambles.  He will set up a schedule so everyone will know the details of the scramble before it is played.  Details will include items such as the tees and the method for breaking a tie that will be used.  The method for establishing teams will be standardized.  He will seek volunteers to run individual scrambles.


STARTING TIME FOR SUNDAY MORNING SCRAMBLE – The Sunday Morning Scramble will begin at 8:00 AM during the high season (which will extend through at least the weekend after labor day), and at 9:00 during low season.


GOLF PACKAGE – Kathy Lyons prepared a draft flyer to be used to advertise for play by tournaments and individuals.  The Committee voted to offer a discount package for weekday foursomes with carts at rates of $100 per foursome during July and August and $80 per foursome during all other times.  The Committee members were asked to get comments on the flyer to Kathy by the end of February.  The fees for tournaments will be individually negotiated.


NEW LOCAL RULE FOR BALL ON CART PATH – The Committee voted to add a local rule that states that a ball lying on any portion of a cart path may be dropped a distance of one club length on the fairway side of the path with no penalty.  There is no such relief for having to stand on the cart path if the ball is not also on the path.


IMPROVED COMMUNICATIONS – In order to improve communications with the membership, we are going to ask that the minutes be put on the Web Page and that a new questionnaire be sent out.


GOLF CARTS – We are considering if we should purchase more carts this year.  We will get prices and make a decision as the season approaches.


Also, John will talk to Jay about cleaning the carts at least once a month.


SENIOR TEES – The issue of senior tees was not discussed in great detail.  It will be discussed in our next meeting and with the Maine Golf Association.


TEE SPONSORS – All tee memberships, except No.1 (Paid for by Jim Kuiken for Joyce Electric) are due for renewal.  We will attempt to get them all sold.  For existing sponsors it is $275 for 2 years.  For new sponsors it is $375 for two years.  The difference in the cost is the cost of making the plaque.


MAINE GOLF ASSOCIATION – Steve Daigle is our representative to coordinate with the Maine Golf Association.  They have sent us a considerable amount of material to which Steve will read and respond. Issues with MGA include:

GOLF COMMITTEE MEETING SCHEDULE – YEAR 2000 – The schedule for Golf Committee meetings was set as follows:

Golf Committee
General Membership Meeting
General Membership Meeting
May 13, 2001
May 27, 2001
September 30, 2001
After Morning Scramble
After Morning Scramble
After Morning Scramble


Additional Golf Committee meetings will be scheduled as required – approximately one per month during the open season.


SMOKE EATERS – Tom Higgins knows of two businesses interested in the smoke eaters.  We are awaiting details.


COURSE CLOSING – There was some discussion regarding who has the responsibility to close the course in the case of very bad weather.  It was decided that the course will be closed by Jay, if Jay is not available, Bud Faulk will be in charge.


TOURNAMENT FORMATS – Steve Daigle will put together a document describing all of the details for all of the tournaments as they have been most recently played.  The Committee will review, amend as needed, and approve the details.  They will then be promulgated and the specific details will be used from year to year.  We believe this will make it easier for individuals to run tournaments and reduce the number of questions that arise during tournament play.  Eventually we hope these will be turned into a booklet.


EMPLOYEES – Several issues regarding employees were discussed.

EMPLOYEE GOLF BENEFITS – Currently the Handbook indicates that employees receive a benefit of free green fees during the week and a 50% green fee discount on weekends.  The Committee voted to clarify that this benefit as follows:

WORK DAY – Last year we attempted to get more members to participate in the workdays.  However, it was the same few individuals who showed up to work.  Therefore, we have abandoned the workdays.  In the future we will hire individuals to do the work that was completed during the workdays and raise fees as necessary to cover the costs.  In that manner, more of the membership will participate in the effort.


FERTILIZER PLAN – Jay believes he will have his license this year.


PORT–A-POTTY – We will continue with the Port-a-potty.  Johnny will pick up fence sections to act as a shield from the course.  John will have jay dig posts and install it.


SHORT AND LONG TERM IMPROVEMENTS – The Committee worked on short and long term planning.  This effort will continue at their next meeting.  We welcome ideas.  Items discussed included:


Items to hopefully be addressed this year

Items we hope to get to soon

Items that are long term, if at all

Poseted: 08/21/01