Call To Order:  President Potts called the meeting to order at 7:08 PM


Attendance:  J. Potts, D. Norris, D. Gleeson, P. Perry, D. Giggey and Town Manager W. Fournier. 


Approval of Minutes:

Minutes of the 07/29/05 Board Meeting were presented by Secretary D. Gleeson, amended with discussion, and unanimously accepted as amended.


Communications & Petitions from the Public: Several questions and concerns were raised, consistent with the prepared agenda.  It was agreed that these    would be discussed in order as the items came up on the meeting agenda.



Joe Potts reported that the Mooring Ordinance is under review for presentation by the Planning Board to the Public for input and consideration.


Joe Potts reported that the Emerald Shores Project is awaiting a Public hearing, and to date, no survey has been initiated.


Joe Potts reported that a concept document for a public hearing will be completed by D. Norris, supported by other members of the Board, in time for the Sept 4th meeting.


Joe Potts reported that the Town will be going out for competitive bids on insurance with Clark Insurance Associates and others.


Joe Potts reported that Frye Island may have two properties of archeological significance. East Side Archeological Dig theorizes that Lots 1601/1602 and the Recreation Beach may provide an opportunity to recover some historical relics. SAPPI, of Westbrook, is supporting these digs.


Discussion Item:

Dick Giggey, as a member of the beach committee presented a New Beach

plan. He reported that The Conservation Committee recommended Ridge Road Lots 1601 and 1602 as good sites on a cost basis. The Conservation Committee did not recommend Lots 1617-1619.  Dick Giggey then moved that lots 1617-1619 be reserved for future beach potential. This was seconded by D. Norris. Phil Perry offered a friendly amendment changing the lot numbers to 1601-1602, the preferable lots to be used, pending Code Enforcement and Planning Board approval. The amendment and the amended motion passed unanimously.


Old Business:

The finalization of Sale of Lot 1720 to Tom Higgins. Because there were no

competing bids for this Lot the sale was approved. Mr Higgins is working with

his attorney to proceed with the purchase with an expected close on the property

within several weeks.  


New Business:

7A/B Bids on Lots 1656 and 1836, by Charles and Ann Crivellaro were considered. A Motion to accept the bids was made by D Giggey and seconded by P Perry. The Motion passed unanimously, with a request to W Fournier to notify the abutters of the bids. If there are no competing bids, to then proceed with the finalization of the sale.


7C Financial Support to Town For Major Water System Projects.

Joe Potts presented an outline of repairs that need to be made to the Town Water Tank. The Tank is rusting. Sandblasting, resealing, priming and painting,

are required. The concrete pad requires maintenance as well. Further, it was

indicated that a new way to filter the water was being considered using materials less costly than the filtration material currently in use. J Potts recommended that

we support the improvements through contributions to the Town by FII. This would be consistent with our philosophy of supporting Town projects when possible, with income from sales of FII property. The item was left open to be discussed when income becomes available.


7D- Bid On Lot 207 by Tedford and Rosen. The bid was discussed by FII. A Motion was made by J Potts and seconded by P. Perry to table the matter until the Board meets again in September. The Motion passed unanimously.


7E- Discovery of a rare orchid on the Island

D. Gleeson introduced information provided to him by Krista Mueller that a threatened native orchid, The Nodding Pogonia, has been identified on several FII lots. The matter was referred to Ed Charette and the Conservation Committee to determine if a request should be made to FII, to enter certain FII property into conservation.  


7F- The Public portion of the meeting was concluded, and the Board entered

Executive Session.


            Next Meeting Dates:

A-   Board Meeting - 7:00 PM Saturday 09/24/05 - Community Center

B-    Stockholders Meeting 9:00 AM Saturday 10/08/05.

C-   Board Meeting 7:00 PM Saturday 05/06/06 (First 2006 Meeting)


Adjourn Meeting:

Motion made by P Perry to adjourn the meeting at 10:05 PM, and seconded by  D Norris. Motion passed unanimously.


Respectfully submitted,

David S Gleeson, Secretary