Frye Island Incorporated

Board of Directors Meeting

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Frye Island Community Center


President J. Potts called the meeting to order at 8:04 PM.



Present were President J. Potts and Directors C. Hommel, N. Fournier, D. Norris, D. Giggey, D. Gleeson, P. Perry and General Manager W. Fournier.  Director J. Roberts has left the Island and the FII Board.


Approval of Minutes:

MOTION by C. Hommel, seconded by D. Gleeson to approve the minutes of the 5/28/05 FII Board meeting as presented, and the 5/25/05  Memorandum of Meeting as corrected for the date (5/25/05 vs. the published 6/25/05 date).  MOTION passed unanimously.


There were no communications or petitions presented by the public.



J. Potts reported on his meeting with the assessor, Richard Main, to both clarify and to correct the FII property tax records.  This meeting resulted in a reduction of FII assessed valuation of $212,600 and a reduction in 2005 property taxes for FII of $3623.


J. Potts also presented the legal and tax expert fees associated with the 5/25/05 meeting on transfer of assets to the Town of Frye Island.  These fees totaled $1533.



It was pointed out that in both the FINS and the Frye Island web site, there is a “Maine Revenue Services Paper-Residency Status” document which points out how one can vote as a Town of Frye Island voter and still have domicile as well as tax status in another state.  Because of this statute, the voter role in the Town of Frye Island, has grown from a handful at the time of the town incorporation to almost a hundred currently.  We encourage more Islanders to read this statue and perhaps consider registering to vote in the Town of Frye Island.


The question of what has happened to the Beach Committee Operations is to be referred to the Town which should appoint this committee.  This is because FII leases the beaches to the Town and has no control over them.


New Business:

MOTION by D. Norris, seconded by D. Gleeson, that the FII Board support C.E.O. Paul White to uphold the 100 feet setback provision per both State of Maine as well as Portland Water District requirements.  This action was in response to the appeal of the C.E.O.’s decision by Timothy Toomey regarding section 102-15 requiring a 100 feet setback from the water on Lot 225.  MOTION passed unanimously.


The agenda items for the July 2, 2005 Stockholders meeting were set.  This involves the election of five Directors to fill the reduced number of Directors as passed by the Board at its 5/28/05 meeting (six people are running) and a report to the Stockholders on the transfer of assets to the Town of Frye Island by President J. Potts.


Next Meeting Dates:

            FII Stockholders meeting –Saturday Morning 7/2/05;

            FII Board organizational meeting – Saturday 7/2/05 at approx. 11 AM;

            Regular FII Board Meeting (2006 Budget)- Saturday 7/30/05 at 8 PM.


MOTION to adjourn at 9:10 PM by D. Norris, seconded by P.Perry.  MOTION passed unanimously.


Respectfully submitted,

Phil Perry, Secretary