19 JUNE 2004



Revised Frye Island Inc minutes 19 June 2004


FII Board of Directors meeting called to order at 12:12 PM by President Nancy Fournier.


Present: N. Fournier, D. Babineau, C. Hommel, D. Giggey, J. Roberts, and P. Perry

Not President: D. Norris, T. Bishop, and P. Bearor.


Town Manager presented FII financials as of 17 June 2004.


Motion by J. Roberts to approve the minutes of the 30 May 2004 Board meeting.  Seconded by D. Babineau, approved unanimously.


Motion by N. Fournier, seconded by J. Roberts, approved unanimously to approve the Golf Committee recommendation to appoint Mark Thomas as Director of Golf Operations.  .


The transfer of assets (i.e. the marina and the golf course, etc.) was discussed at length.  It was moved by C. Hommel to accept the J. Potts recommendation as to a motion at the Town meeting to include a covenant on all those assests conveyed to the Town of Frye Island by FII that clearly requires the Town of Frye Island to give sole final control and budgeting responsibility to the Town of Frye Island Board of Island Trustees and the sole control and responsibility for the operations of said conveyed assets to the Town of Frye Island Executive Committee.  This should clarify the mistaken belief by some Islanders that only Town of Frye Island voters and the Board of Selectmen would control these assets to the possible detriment of Island property owners.  Motion seconded by D. Giggey, approved unanimously.


Real Estate Report and the proposal to combine certain abutting lots by D. Giggey were tabled until further investigation.


Motion by D. Babineau, seconded by J. Roberts, approved unanimously, to allow the prior FII appropriations of $75,000 for the repair of the Administration Building and $25,000 for repairs to the Community Center to be combined as $100,000 for the repairs to both such that unexpended funds from one can be used to compensate for any additional repairs found to be necessary to the other.


Motion by D. Babineau, seconded by J. Roberts, approved unanimously, to merge lots 1769 and 1770, which are to be offered to O’Dwyer in exchange for their lot 1805.  Then 1805 will be merged with 1804 and title reverted back to FII if O’Dwyer accepts this proposal.  This will settle the problem of mismatched Town maps and upon whose lot the septic system in question resides.


Much discussion ensued concerning the growing problem of the proliferation of and encroachment of moorings upon Island swimming areas and beaches.  The State ordinances indicate that towns can and should enact their own ordinances to control moorings within the 200 ft. zone.  Additional discussion tabled until a future meeting.


Motion by D. Babineau, seconded by C. Hommel, approved unanimously to correct and complete the transfer (at cost) the Golf Course Inventory to the Town as of the same date that the operations of the Golf Course was transferred to the Town which was 1 Jan 2003.


Discussion of a letter requesting sale of certain lots by Bates was tabled pending further investigation by the Board, as there are issues around those particular lots.


Motion to adjourn at 2:40 PM by N. Fournier, seconded by C. Hommel, approved unanimously.