Minutes of the Frye Island, Inc Board Meeting

Community Center Recreation Room

Frye Island, ME

30 May 2004


With participation of BOS and BIT representatives

and Town Manger



Meeting called to order at 7:06 PM by Nancy Fournier.


Attendees:  Nancy Fournier, Dick Giggey, Peter Bearor, Diane Babineau, Carl Hommel, Jan Roberts, Tom Bishop, and Phil Perry.  Absent: Dick Norris.


Babineau moved to accept the minutes of the 21 February 2004 meeting; seconded by Roberts.  Unanimous.


FII Finances were updated to the board by the Town Manager on expenses and payments from FII accounts on previously approved items.




A joint forum with FII Board, BOS, and BIT was held at the Community Center on Saturday, 29 May 2004 at 9 AM.  The purpose of this forum was for the public (Frye Island lot owners) to comment on or ask questions concerning the proposed transfer of certain FII assets (as detailed in the proxy letter sent to all lot owners over the winter) to the town of Frye Island.  Unfortunately, this meeting was very sparsely attended by other than the above-mentioned boards.  Another proxy letter is to be sent out as soon as possible to emphasize the need for a quorum on this very critical vote at the 3 July 2004 Town Meeting.


The Town Manger updated the Board on FII real estate status.


A proposal was made to use Town beach 11 for dinghy storage and access to moorings off this shore.  Further discussion centered on the increasing problem of moorings being placed just anywhere and everywhere, many interfering with the swimming beaches.  Alternate places are needed for access to the water for regulated mooring.

What FII lots that can be used for this purpose is to be investigated by the Board.  There was further discussion concerning a possible mooring ordinance requiring mooring buoys out beyond 200 feet and a need for a harbormaster to enforce such ordinance.  Further discussion or action on this issue was tabled for further investigation.


Most currently scheduled work on the Community Center meeting room and north side of the building should be completed by the end of the month.  Repairs to the kitchen side and to the recreation room side are awaiting bids after the engineer states the extent of the problems.

Repairs to the Administration Building mostly have been completed and the work should be finished within 2-3 weeks (mid June).  Motion to pay the contractor’s invoice for $44320.50 by Babineau; seconded by Bearor.  Unanimous.


No other old business brought up.




An issue involving lots 1620, 1804, and 1805 was brought forward.  According to recent Frye Island lot maps, a septic system belonging to lot 1620 across the road on 1804 (according to County Registry of Deeds) appears to be on lot 1805.  O’Dwyer wishes to sell lot 1805 with the septic system on it.  To avoid a significant resurveying cost to FII or the Town (estimated to be in the $10s of thousands) to correct this later map, it was proposed that FII trade lot 1801 for 1805 (on the current map) with O’Dwyer so they can have clear title for potential sale.  Giggey, Fournier, and Hommel would investigate this swap for feasibility ASAP for recommendation to be made at the next FII Board meeting.  Further discussion and action tabled.


Diane Babineau, who owns three lots, wishes to merge or restructure these three into two lots, one of which could be for resale.  This action would require that a Frye Island pathway be relocated from its present location to a new location between these newly restructured lots.  If approved, Babineau to pay the survey cost to relocate the pathway.  Motion by Fournier, seconded by Roberts to accept the proposal to relocate the pathway after the survey and plan are presented with proof that minimum lot sizes are met.  Tabled for future consideration.


Next meeting: Saturday 19 June 2004.

Motion to adjourn by Roberts, seconded by Perry   Unanimous.