AUGUST 23, 2003




            President Fournier called the meeting to order at 10:05 A. M.



            The following Members were present: Diane Babineau, Peter Bearor , Tom Bishop, Nancy Fournier, Dick Giggey, Carl Hommel, Dick Norris, Phil Perry, Jan Roberts and General Manager Wayne Fournier. The following visitors were present: Steve and Barbara Aranyi, Lot 271, Kathyn Bacastow, Lot 85, Bill Braun, Lot 161, George Brooks-Gonyer, Lot 25, Ed Charrette, Lot 79, John Crosby, Lot 27, Dave Decker, Lot 1678, Barbara Hambleton., Lot 1992, Marge Hommel, Lot 68, Bill Keup, Lot 1903, Pat Karpacz, Lot 1620A, Jim Kuiken, Lot 323, John and Patty Meyer, Lot 86, Grace Morin, Lot 287, Arthur Mullin, Lot 1055, Bruce Nisula, Lot 16, Jim OíConnor, Lot 1054, Paul Peterson, Lot 283, Kathy and Joe Potts, Lot 1633, John L. Riley, Lot 21, Bob Roberts, Lot 111, Craig Rosen, Lot 206, Alan Ross, Lot 380, Oleg Svetlichny, Lot 13, and Greg Tedford, Lot 208.



            The minutes of the Board meeting of August 2, 2003, were approved.



            General Manager Fournier announced that he has received the draft of the Auditorís report, and he and Treasurer Babineau are studying it. The changes that were recommended will be implemented when the final report is received.

            FII has paid the second half of the Town Tax bill, and has received the second installment of the Town Lease.




            The letter and proxy to the Stockholders were reviewed, and some minor changes were suggested. Babineau MOVED and Fourier SECONDED that the package as revised shall be mailed to the Stockholders. Motion PASSED unanimously.



            A.)         Giggey reported on the last three meetings of the RE Steering Committee. Their minutes are on the Website.

Paul Peterson has prepared two questionnaire asking lot owners about their plans concerning future development of their lots and about their expectations concerning real estate generally. He will finalize these questionnaires this coming week, and they will be included in the proxy letter to those affected.

Peterson reported that the RE Committee had requested him to arrange a meeting with the RE Committee, and others who may wish to attend, and the General Manager for Environmental Affairs of the Portland Water District (PWD). The purpose of the meeting will be to ask the PWD to review with the island governance issues that PWD sees currently and on the horizon as they related to the management of water quality in Sebago Lake.


      B.) Review Ross privacy offer

                  Hommel MOVED and Norris SECONDED to counter the Ross bid for Lots 283 for $84,000 (based on 60% of $140,000). The motion FAILED by a vote of 4-4-0. Norris MOVED and Perry SECONDED that the Board accepts the Ross offer of $65,000 for Lot 283. The motion PASSED by a vote of 6-1-2, with Bearor voting against, and Roberts and Babineau abstaining.

      C.) Review remaining bids

                        Giggey MOVED and Fournier SECONDED that the FII Board rejects all remaining outstanding bids, and the money was not needed. Motion PASSED unanimously.

            D.) Norris MOVED and Bearor SECONDED to reject Bealís request that the Board grant him an easement for a septic system on the unplotted land adjacent to his Lot 1384. Motion PASSED unanimously.



              Giggey presented a Beach Committee Report. (See Attachment.) Hommel suggested that the funds requested could come from the Town Recreational Reserve Fund, which is funded from profits of the Marina. Giggey will prepare a request for these funds to the BITEC. He will also formally request of the BITEC that FII Owned Lots 75, 76 and 77 be added to Beach 5, that Lot 204 be added to Beach 6, that Lot 1613 be added to Beach 11, and that Lots 1642, 1643, 1646 and 1648 be added to Beach 12.



            The next meeting will be on September 20, following the BOS/BITEC meeting.



            It was MOVED and SECONDED that the meeting be adjourned. PASSED unanimously. The meeting was adjourned at 12.00 PM.




SATURDAY AUGUST 3 0, 2003 1:00 P.M.



1.             Recommendation to ask FII to have FII lots abutting Beaches 5, 6, & 12 merged with respective beaches.


2.                    Recommendation to have FII spend $ 1,000 for the cost of materials to construct racks for canoes and kayaks for Beaches 4, 5, 6, Recreation area on Leisure Lane, & 12: to construct bike racks for Beaches 1, 5, 6, Recreation area on Leisure Lane; and to construct a storage area for Beach 5.


3              Recommendation to have FII budget or spend $ 1,100 for picnic tables for Beaches 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 12, and Recreation Beach.


4.                    Recommendation to have FII budget or spend $1,800 for a swing set and slide at Recreation Beach.

5.             Recommendation to ask FII for $6,000 for buoys and sign buoys at beaches 5, 6, 8, Long Beach, and Recreation Beach.


6.             Recommendation to ask FII to spend $100 for extra rubbish containers for the beaches.


I.                     Recommendation to ask the Town of Frye Island to clean up the debris at the beaches (mostly dead branches).

I.                     Recommendation to ask The Town of Frye Island to prune some of the branches and brush at the beaches and their parking areas during the fall of 2003 and spring of 2004. Beach committee will mark areas for pruning.

I.                     Recommendation to FII to reimburse the Town of Frye Island for the compensation of the employee if any Town employee is involved with the construction, during the winter of 2003/2004, of racks for canoes and kayaks.