MAY 23, 2003




               President Thomas called the meeting to order at 8:05 P. M.



               The following Members were present: Diane Babineau, Carl Hommel, Dick Norris, Jeanne Sullivan-Toomey, Mark Thomas and General Manager Wayne Founirer. Dave Decker, Dick Giggey and Fritz Mueller attended via teleconference. Nancy Founier was excused. The following visitors were present: Janie Breen, Lot 294, John Crosby, Lot 27, Walt Hensel, Lot 1993, Mike Hurley, Lot 165, Doug King, Lot1148, Henry Keith, Lot 1757, James Kuiken, Lot 323, Pat Nannola, Lot 219, Don Nolen, Lot 36, Bob Roberts, Lot 111, Wini Rogers-Call, Lot1168, Tim Toomey, Lot 1213, Dave Treacy, Lot501, and James Reali, Lot 1316.



               Mueller MOVED and Babineau SECONDED that the minutes of the Board meeting of March 8, 2003 are approved as amended. PASSED unanimously.



               Thomas presented the proposal of the Garden Club relative to the extension of the walk in the front of the Community Center. It was noted that this was at no cost to FII. Babineau MOVED and Mueller SECONDED that the proposal is approved. PASSED unanimously.



               A). The financial report was reviewed. The auditor is working with the General Manager and Babineau. to complete the audit. The Dollof sale has been completed.

               B). The purchase of the Amato slip has been completed.

               C). The payoff of the Maintenance Building mortgage will be postponed until more funds are received.

               D). A line of credit of $50,000 has been obtained.

               E). The transfer of funds to the Town was reviewed. The year 2002 report is correct, and the General Manager and Babineau will confirm the year 2001 report.



               Transfer to the new owner has been completed.



               A). Golf Club. Decker presented a report by Greg Tedford, the Chairman of the Golf Committee. (See Attachment) Snow, the General Contractor, has commenced work on the parking lot and PWD has been contacted and deferred approval to the Town COE.

               B). Marina Committee.

               1. There was a general discussion of the various issues related to the revised Marina Policy.

               2. Based on the previous recommendations of the Marina Committee, the revised Marina Policy includes provisions to charge increased fees for multiple slips and charge $50 for a guest sticker. During this meeting the Marina Committee endorsed a suggestion to withdraw these changes. Therefore, Norris MOVED and Sullivan-Toomey SECONDED that the increased fees for multiple slips proposed in the revised policy not be implemented, and that all stickers be $5.00, for year 2003. Motion PASSED by a vote of 5 affirmatives, 2 abstentions, and 1 negative.

                              3. The Marina Committee will be conducting the Grandfathering hearings next week. There was some discussion that FII and BIT may schedule a joint meeting to review the grandfathering recommendations.



               A). Lot offers and deposits. Hommelís report was reviewed. (See Attachment) General Manager Founier will prepare a spreadsheet showing all the information about the bids, and distribute it and copies of the bids to the Board members for action at the next FII meeting. Board members should walk the lots prior to the meetings.

               B). Land adjacent to the Town Hall. General Manager Founier read a letter from David Treacy, one of the owners of Lot 501, offering to sell a fifteen foot strip of land from the water to the back of the Administration Building to FII for $30,000. After discussion of where the actual property line is located, Decker MOVED and Hommel SECONDED that FII make a counter offer of $15,000, (Based on a value of $1,000 per waterfront foot.) for land extending 15 feet in a southerly direction, parallel with the back of the building, measured from the steel pin located by Main Land's recent survey, and then in an Easterly direction, parallel with the southern side of the store to the water. Motion PASSED with 7 affirmatives and 1 negative.

               C). Status of right of first refusal letters. No offers have as yet been received. The deadline for receiving them is June 30, 2003.

               D). Planning for RE Steering Committee. A call for members is in the current FINS, and will be run every week until the weekend of the Stockholderís meeting.

               E & F). RE Policy changes. Norris presented some ideas for revising the Policy to simplify the sale of privacy lots and to allow lot owners to purchase adjoining lots at privacy lot rates to allow them to center a cottage on the two lots. He will prepare wording for the next meeting, and the changes, if approved by the Board will be presented to the Stockholders at the July meeting.



               FII will ask the stockholders at the July meeting if they agree that the Ferries, the island ramp and the haul-out system, with the land under it, be sold to the town. If the Stockholders agree, proxies will be prepared and mailed to all Stockholders to approve the sale.



               No action.




               The June meeting was scheduled for Friday, June 13, at 8:30 in the Town Offices.



               It was MOVED and SECONDED that the meeting be adjourned. PASSED unanimously. The meeting was adjourned at 11.00 P. M.


Attachment 1, Golf Committee Report


The Golf Committee met and the following issues were discussed.

A large quantity of goods was ordered for the Pro Shop last fall, presumably by Rob and no information was passed on. Kathy as the coordinator of that function has jumped into the issue and made contact with numerous vendors and is returning much of the merchandise and keeping those items that make sense. She is doing a good job preserving the relationship with vendors and still not having to accept the large quantity of unwanted merchandise. Kathy and Laura are also verifying invoices to packing list to be sure all goods that were ordered and have been invoiced were actually received at the Pro Shop.


John Kett provided documentation on how this years Sunday scrambles would be run and has provided related forms for each Sunday in a well organized notebook. Tom Bishop has done a lot of work organizing tournaments and information related to these tournaments has been generated. There have been a number of other procedural controls that Laura and I have discussed and have been documented and implemented dealing with the daily transactions and recording of financial activities at the club house.


Although some changes and issues have been slightly delayed things around the reopening of the course there seems to be no show stoppers i.e. as you may have heard our liquor license was delayed one week and certain supplies have been delayed slightly but we are operational and much better organized than in the past. Also we will be installing an inexpensive barrier, probably in the form of a plastic chain, around the concrete patio in front of the club house where alcoholic beverages are consumed as part of our licensing requirement.


The improvements to the drainage especially on #5 & #3 were noted and all members acknowledged this improvement. Jay has asked for a sensor for the pumps that feed the irrigation system in case there is a sizable leak during the evening. Because of the volume of water that these pumps can move the potential of a major wash out of a green or a road exist if we donít purchase this type of shut down sensor device.


I saw Wayne at the Sunday scramble and asked that we have the culvert replaced under the road that connects to the stream on #6. Wayne indicated he would likely be able to have Kevin do the work soon as he believes the Island is in possession of the replacement culvert and it would make sense to have this work completed before the island gets real busy. This has been an issue that has lingered for a season or two so we are asking the road crew to please give it priority. Wayne said he would also have them coordinate the timing with Jay so that he could install whatever water level control mechanism is needed for these ponds and the stream. The completion of this work will greatly improve the wet grounds on #6.


Other town related issues that I didnít get to speak with Wayne about yet but will try to before your meeting include the need for the town to clarify what the policy will be for this year in regards to when town employees will be allowed to play free golf. It would be helpful if this policy could also be reviewed with the Golf Committee prior to a general announcement for any issues that we may see.  Committee members have also asked for a letter from the town that clarifies the indemnification the town is providing to Committee members. I know Wayne had gathered some information shortly after our winter meeting on this subject and again the Committee would like to have this provided to them in the form of a letter to each member.

Jim Hodge, the Superintendent from Val Haler Golf Course in Cumberland, toured the course with Bruce Nisula and Jay for his input and expertise. Bruce said it was a good session and Jim provided valuable information for us. We hope to have Jim perform this type of review a couple more times this season.


We also discussed the completion of the parking lot with the funds that have been allotted by the town. Paul Lyons and Bob Miner are going to be coordinating the completion of this project and will be contacting contactors and looking at volunteer labor options in the immediate future. The option of laying underground conduit for the future relocation of the electrical wires under ground from the pole in the parking lot to the club house was discussed and considered to be a good suggestion for aesthetic purposes based on about $300 cost as estimated by John Crosby, even though the actual relocation of the wires will likely be deferred for the time being.


Greg Tedford


Attachment 2\


MAY 2003


FII has received 18 real estate offers, broken down as follows:


               Inland buildable, 10, totaling $131,100

               Inland privacy, 4, totaling $36,980

               Waterfront buildable, 2 (Lot 283, $140,000) (Lot 294, $90,000)

               Waterfront privacy, 1 (Lot 283, $65,000)

               Inland pumpback, 1, $5,980.


I have visited all the lots, and offer the following comments.


Lot 283

               This is a waterfront, on Leisure Lane, with 15,262 sq ft, and 75 ft road frontage, and 75 ft water frontage. It is six lots south of Beach 10. It is wet in the center of the lot, with evidence of erosion on the shore. Tree roots are exposed over the beach.

               NOTE: There is a wooden platform on the top of the bank next to the water, and a set of stairs going down to the beach. Both are in bad condition, with broken boards, and exposed nails. They should be removed before someone gets hurt, and sues FII.


Lot 294

               This is a waterfront, on Leisure Lane, with 12,440 sq ft, and 37 ft road frontage, and 77 ft water frontage. There is a HUGE boulder in the center of the lot. It steeps quickly to the water after the boulder. It is seven lots north of the recreation area.


Lots 309/310

               These lots have been merged due to our ordinances. Combined lot size is 29,653 sq ft, road frontage, 165 ft. Since they have been merged, we cannot accept the offer as stands, i.e., one buildable lot, and one privacy lot. It is a one-back lot, on Leisure Lane, across from the driveway to Duckís Head. It should perk.


Lot 309

               As noted above, this lot has been merged with Lot 310, and is not available separately.


Lot 310

               As noted above, this lot has been merged with Lot 309, and is not available separately.


Lot 1041

               Lot size is 8,258 sq ft, road frontage is 85 ft, on Middle Beach Road, second lot in from Leisure Lane. There is a stream running through the lot at the present time.


Lot 1077

               This lot has been merged with Lot 1078, and is not available separately. Combined size is 22,078 sq ft, frontage is 91 ft, on North Beach Road, second lot in from Leisure Lane. Looks OK, except there is a small stream in back of 1077, but there should be enough place for a house and septic system, and not be near the water.


Lot 1114

               Size, 11,250 sq ft, frontage, 75 ft, on South Beach Road, between Hillside Drive and Hillcrest Drive. It seems to be a very good lot.


Lot 1141

               Lot size is 11,232 sq ft, and road frontage is 75 ft, on Hillside Drive. It appears to be perkable, which is the point.


Lots 1152/1153

               These lots have been merged. Combined size is 23,204 sq ft, and road frontage is 155 ft, on Hillcrest Drive. It appears to be a good lot.


Lot 1205

               This lot has been merged with Lot 1204, and is not available separately. Combined size is 30,612 sq ft, and road frontage is 52 ft, on Acorn Circle. Parts of the lot are steep, but no doubt a house and septic system could be fit in.


Lot 1223

               Lot size is 21,760 sq ft, road frontage is 35 ft, on Chestnut Circle. This is the lot that Ken Dollop was going to purchase as a privacy lot. It is unclear if he has.


Lot 1527

               Lot size is 15,762 sq ft, road frontage is 43 ft, on Pine Circle. The same owners seem to own most of this circle, with an FII Lot in the middle of their holdings. Seems to be OK


Lot 1723

               Lot size, 18,357 sq ft, road frontage, 170 ft, on Highpoint Drive. Lot overlooks the eighth Tee box on the golf course. It is in good shape.


Lot 1823

               This lot (15,722 sq ft, 80 ft road frontage) has been merged with lot 1824, and is not available separately. This is part of a string of nine FII owned lots, from 1819 to 1827, on Ridge Road, across from Beach 12. I would recommend that this string of lots be referred to the RE Committee, when it is formed, because lot lines can be moved to make more buildable lots than if we just assume adjacent lots have been merged.


Lot 1859

               Lot size is 19,520 sq ft, and road frontage, 75 ft, on Ridge Road, directly across the street from bidder. Seems to be a good lot.


Lots 1941/1942

               These lots have been merged. Combined size is 36,083 sq ft, frontage, and road frontages of 80 ft on Independence Way, and 249 ft on Middle Beach Road. It appears to be a good lot.


Lot 1922

               The owner of this lot wishes to swap for a buildable lot. It is indeed quite wet, and I do not see how it can affect the driving range. However, the Golf Committee should also inspect the lot. Perhaps the new RE Committee should review the swap policy.


Carl Hommel