Frye Island Incorporated - Board of Director's Meeting

March 30, 2003

Via E-Mail


Attendance: All By E-Mail

                  Board Members:  D. Babineau, D. Decker, N. Founier, D. Giggey, C. Hommel, F. Mueller, J. Sullivan-Toomey, Chairman M. Thomas Absent, R. Norris.

                  Manager: - W Founier



Chairman Thomas called the meeting to order via E-Mail, and announced that the purpose of the meeting was to consider the vote of the BIT Executive Committee regarding the Marina Policy.


D Decker announced that the BIT Executive Committee voted to accept the Marina policy and addendum if the following changes are made:

1. On the addendum, removed the words "and exceptions" just before the numbered list.  (All the list items are additions, not exceptions.)

2. On list items #3, #5, and #6, replace the words "FII Board" with "FII Board/BIT" in all occurrences.

Such changes give BIT a role in approving changes, along with the FII Board.

Decker MOVED that the FII Board revote (probably by email since we do not meet again until May 9th) on the addendum with the above changes. Motion SECONDED by C. Hommel.


During E-Mail discussion, F Mueller pointed out that the motion was flawed, and what Decker and Hommel probably meant was that article two of the motion should have referred to the Executive Committee of the BIT, rather than to the BIT.


Hommel withdrew his second, and Decker withdrew his motion.


Decker then MOVED:

I move that the FII Board agree that the Marina Policy Addendum be altered in the following manner so as to be acceptable to the Executive Committee of the Board of Island Trustees:

1. Remove the two words "and exceptions" at the end of the second paragraph;

2. In numbered paragraphs #3, #5, and #6, replace the words "FII Board" with "FII Board and the Executive Committee of the Board of Island Trustees."


N. Founier SECONDED the motion.


The motion PASSED, by a vote of four to three.


Meeting Adjourned.