JUNE 6, 2002




The meeting was called to order by  President Thomas at 3:15 P.M.



Present were Diane Babineau, Steve Comley, Dick Giggey, Carl Hommel,  Fritz Mueller,  Jeanne Sullivan-Toomey, Mark Thomas, and General Manager Rich Roedner. Dave Decker and Tim Tinsman were excused.



President Thomas introduced the new book keeper, Laurie Brown, and explained how she would be working, and her relationship with the General Manager and the office



Mueller offered corrections to the minutes of the meeting of February 16, 2003, which were accepted at the meeting of March 23, 2002:

1. Change heading to 16 February.

            2. Para. 3, line 1: Thomas excused (not recused)...

3. 8th para. lines 5 and 6 should read. ... Frye Island Planning Board should be petitioned to review the Shoreland Zoning Ordinance to include changes that would grandfather...

4. Section 6 the Marina. This was discussed at the March meeting and second para. reworded to more clearly deal with the new related policy. The current minutes have deleted a whole paragraph, which will be sent to the Secretary for inclusion in the February 16 minutes.

5. Section 7b. Insert "language" between "...deeds / for..."
6. Section 8. In first line insert "pending 2001" between "... consider the / negotiations..."
7. Section 14. Edit to read: "Manager presented a request from a Long Beach Marina elsewhere on Sebago Lake that FII change the name of the Island marina to eliminate confusion. This was referred to the Marina Committee.”

            The corrected minutes were approved.


Mueller offered corrections to the minutes of the meeting of March 23, 2003: The main comment relates to the mislabeled 16 Feb minutes discussed above. Also in Section 5c the Manager had reported 28 deposits in hand versus the 20 noted in minutes. The corrected minutes were approved.


Babineau noted that the minutes of May 25 showed the workshop meeting would be held on June 6, whereas the correct date is June 8. The corrected minutes were approved. It was also noted that in the report of the Letters of first refusal that the registered letters should be sent to owners of adjoining lots, nor abutting lots.



A. Real Estate Committee

The Board held a workshop to consider the Real Estate Policy that will be submitted to the Stockholders at the July FII Stockholders meeting. At the suggestion of Dick Norris, who was present, the sections of the draft policy that pertain to specific lots were deleted, and will be dealt with later.


Thomas will prepare the revised policy, and E-Mail it to the Board members for their approval.  It was decided to hold a Public Hearing on the final version on June 29th at 1:00 PM.


B. Marina Committee

Jim Frederick, from the Marina Committee, reported to the Board on the status of the reorganization of the Yacht Club. He presented copies of draft amendments and additions to the club policy for the Board’s review. Babineau MOVED and Sullivan-Toomey SECONDED that the proposed June 29th election of Marina Committee members be approved.  Motion PASSED UNANIMOUSLY.              


A. Frye’s Leap Café

President Thomas noted that the existing lease between the Café and FII has been extended for another five years and can not be changed without mutual agreement. Also if the Café is sold during the present period of the lease, the existing lease will cover the new owner, and can not be changed without mutual agreement. However, the current lease has some wording that should be clarified and changed. Hommel will send a marked-up copy of the current lease to the members of the Board, with a motion that it be approved and submitted to Ms. O’Connor. 


Hommel MOVED and Sullivan-Toomey SECONDED that the Frye’s Leap Café has permission of the Board of Directors of Frye Island Incorporated to install a six stool bar and a satellite receiver with TV set. Giggey MOVED and Sullivan-Toomey SECONDED an amendment to the motion that the Board require the libiality insurance held by the Café be doubled to two million dollars. The amendment FAILED by a vote of two to five, and the original motion PASSED UNANIMOUSLY.


B.  FII/Town Lease—Tabled


C. Right of First Refusal Letters

Thomas MOVED and Giggey SECONDED that FII send registered letters, no reply requested, to all those owners of property that adjoins or is directly across the street from FII property, stating if the owner holds a letter of first refusal from FII, the letter should be produced and exercised before December 31, 2002, but will then be null and void. Motion PASSED UNANIMOUSLY.  Hommel will prepare the list of affected property owners.


E. Land Survey

Thomas MOVED and Sullivan-Toomey SECONDED that the Manager obtain bids from at lease two sources for complete surveys of Lots 1 and 2, the so-called Recreation area, including Playground Lane, Recreation Beach Road, and the pathway to Recreation Beach, and that at least one granite marker be set rather than a pin. Motion PASSED UNANIMOUSLY. The manager will E-Mail bids he received to the Board members. The Manager was also instructed to have our attorney review the deed for the Recreation area to determine our rights concerning Playground Lane.



It was MOVED and SECONDED that the meeting be adjourned. PASSED UNANIMOUSLY. The meeting was adjourned at 6:30 PM.