MAY 25, 2002




The meeting was called to order by  President Thomas at 6:15 P.M.



Present were Diane Babineau, Steve Comley, Dave Decker, Dick Giggey, Carl Hommel,  Jeanne Sullivan-Toomey, Mark Thomas, Tim Tinsman and General Manager Rich Roedner. Fritz Mueller was excused.



               The approval of the minutes was tabled.



The Financial Report was discussed. It was noted that the salaries were not consistent, and this has to be corrected. Otherwise, the format of the Report was approved.




A. Golf Committee

               A quote has been received from Mainland to “Not to exceed $1,000.00" to prepare the application for a practice fairway. The PWD seems to be supportive of the concept.

                                             Thomas MOVED and Hommel SECONDED that a fence with gate be erected between the new Golf Maintenance Building and the old Golf Maintenance Building, with FII to pay for the material, and labor provided by the golf crew, coordinated with DPW and Fire Department by Rob Lawson. Motion PASSED UNANIMOUSLY.


               B. Marina Committee

                                             The old docks have been installed, but not the new ones. It was noted that money from the sale and rental of FII owned docks would go into the general FII reserve account, and money from annual fees into the Marina Reserve account.  The cost for constructing new docks should come from this FII Reserve Fund.

                                             Sullivan-Toomey reported on the meeting of the Yacht Club. An election (first ever) will be help on June 29, 2002, to elect nine members of the Marina Committee.


               C. Real Estate Committee

                                             After discussion of Lot 2026, Thomas MOVED and Hommel SECONDED to change the boundary of the lot in accordance with the plans drawn by the surveyor and “marked up” during the meeting. Motion PASSED UNANIMOUSLY, with Sullivan-Toomey abstaining. The buyer will obtain a survey and present it to the attorney, and proceed with the closing.

                                             The closings should be completed on Lots 18 and 1223.  It was noted to the general manager that the closing costs for Lots sold by FII should be at the expense of the buyers – not FII.  (The only closing cost to FII should be 1) ensuring that in the case of privacy lots that the deeds are properly prepared to reflect the building restrictions, and 2) preparing the note for lots financed by FII).

                                             The sale of Lot 1331 has been posted for the required length of time, and no competing bids have been received.  It was noted that the closing costs should be at the expense of the buyer.  (Again FII cost should be limited to ensuring that the deed restricts building).

                                             The FII Board will have a workshop meeting on June 6, from 3 to 6 PM, to finalize the Real Estate Plan.



               A. Frye’s Leap Café                       

                                The proprietor of the Café wishes to install a temporary storage building on the site of the former propane tank, and wished to have permission of the FII Board. Hommel MOVED and Babineau SECONDED that the Frye’s Leap Café has permission of the Board of Directors of Frye Island Incorporated to install a temporary storage building adjacent to the Café on Lot 1, Sunset Road, subject to the approval of the approving authorities, and that it be appropriately screened from view. Motion PASSED UNANIMOUSLY.

                               The leases will be also discussed at the Workshop meeting on June 6th.


               B.  FII/Town Lease—Tabled



               A. Greater Windham Chamber of Commerce.

                                             A ceremonial ribbon cutting will be help on May 31 at 4:00 PM at the Golf Course to celebrate the Town of Frye Island joining the Chamber of Commerce.


               B. Potential Transfer of Ferries—tabled


               C. Request from Garden Club

                                             The Garden Club wishes to build a lawn with sprinkler system in front of the Community Center. They have asked that FII contribute $1000 toward the irrigation system (total cost over $3000) and donate 40 to 50 yards of loam .Hommel MOVED and Tinsman SECONDED that the FII appropriate the sum of $1,000 and the loam. Motion PASSED UNANIMOUSLY.


               D. Right of First Refusal Letters

               Thomas MOVED and Giggey SECONDED that FII send registered letters, reply requested, to all those whom we know hold letters of first refusal to abutting FII owned lots, stating the this right can be exercised up to December 31, 2002, but will then be null and void. Motion PASSED UNANIMOUSLY


               E. David Tracey Request

                                             David Tracey, part owner of Lot 501, abutting Lot 1, approached the Board and offered to pay a portion of the cost of having the boundary between thee two lots surveyed if the Board would agree to the survey. After discussion, Manager Roedner was requested to obtain a price for the complete survey of Lots 1 and 2.




               It was MOVED and SECONDED that the meeting be adjourned. PASSED UNANIMOUSLY. The meeting was adjourned at 7.00 PM.