AUGUST 18, 2001




The meeting was called to order by President Thomas, at 4:00 P.M.



Present were Diane Babineau, Dave Decker, Dick Giggey, Carl Hommel, Mark Thomas, Jean Toomey and General Manager Rich Roedner. Steve Comley (excused), Fritz Mueller (excused), and Tim Tinsman (excused) were absent



The July 21, 2001 Board of Directors Meeting were approved unanimously.



The financial report was presented. D. Babineau noted some errors in the report.




T. Dubois of MainLand is still working on preparing a phosphorus report for the 18th hole to present to the Portland Water District. The PWD indicated verbally that the original Court Order assumed the back nine would not be finished.



J. Toomy reported that the dredging of the marina entrance was unsatisfactorily performed. She recommended that a third party be hired to oversee the work. General Manager Roedner will solicit bids for this overseeing.



J. Crosby reported for S. Comley that the project was 80% complete. Three hundred yards of loam were brought in. The irrigation piping will be installed next week, followed by seeding.  The contractor recommended that concrete walls be put in for the backstop rather than stone, as balls would bounce in an erratic manner from a stone wall. This will be poured this fall.



Lot 2027       The Real Estate Committee recommended that the bid on Lot 2027 not be accepted for the good of the Island (to keep their options open by keeping two adjacent water front lots undeveloped), and to offer the bidder Lot 2026 for the same price ($110,000). Mr. Sullivan, who was present, decided to accept the substitution.  R. Giggey MOVED to accept Mr. Sullivanís bid. C. Hommel SECONDED. O. Svedlinsky, from the floor, offer a hand written comment, and asked that it be entered into the minutes. (See attachment.) Motion PASSED 5-0-1 (J. Toomy abstained).



Lot 1223       The Real Estate Committee recommended that the counter offer to Mr. Sullivan made on 6/21/01 be modified to request an answer by 3:30 PM on 8/23/01, after which time the offer is rejected. R. Giggey moved to accept the recommendation, C. Hommel SECONDED. Motion PASSED 5-0-1 (J. Toomy abstained).



Lot 18           The Real Estate Committee recommended that FII rescind their vote on 7/21/01 for Lot 18, and that FII honor the right of first refusal letter dated 6/5/86 provided to FII after the 7/21/01 meeting.  The committee also recommended that FII accept the $65,000 privacy lot bid ($65,000 being the 65& of $100,000 far a privacy lot bid), with a 3:30 PB on 8/23/01 accept or reject response from the privacy lot bidders.


R. Giggey MOVED and D. Babineau SECONDED that the FII Board accepts the recommendation of the RE Committee. During the discussion, Mr. Sullivan withdrew his bid on Lot 18. C. Hommel MOVED and D. Decker SECONDED to amend the motion by striking the first sentence. Amendment PASSED 5-0-1 (J. Toomy abstained). The amended motion PASSED 5-0-1 (J. Toomy abstained).


Lot 1942     The Real Estate Committee recommended that the FII Board reject the offer, since FII has stopped a swap policy. R. Giggey MOVED and C. Hommel SECONDED that the FII Board accepts the recommendation of the RE Committee Motion.


Lot 294       The Real Estate Committee recommended that the FII Board reject the offer, since FII has stopped a swap policy. R. Giggey MOVED and C. Hommel SECONDED that the FII Board accepts the recommendation of the RE Committee Motion. PASSED unanimously. The bidders, who were present, amended their bid to delete the swap portion. The bid was referred to the RE Committee.


The RE Committee recommended that the FII Board only consider bids for privacy or pumpback lots for the remainder of 2001. R. Giggey MOVED and D. Babineau SECONDED that the FII Board accepts the recommendation of the RE Committee, with the exception that bids already received by the General Manager be considered. Motion PASSED unanimously.


C. Hommel reported that the Town Planning Board had requested more information concerning the FII request to change the frontage requirements on cul-de sacs, and that a report had been submitted to the Board, which will be considered at the next Planning Board meeting.



a.) Uses for FII Reserve Funds. No report


b.) Changes in quorum requirements. No report


c.) J Toomy presented a report on Playground equipment. She was requested to bring a definite recommendation to the next meeting.






It was MOVED and SECONDED that the meeting be adjourned. PASSED unanimously. The meeting was adjourned at 5:50 PM.


To: FII Board of Directors

From: Richard Roedner, General Manager

Date: July 21, 2001

Re: Real Estate Update


I will try to include all of the pieces of real estate that are up in the air as of today.


Lot 91  John & Patty Smart have asked to be let out of the contract due to the changing nature of the septic issues as well as the setback issues. My recommendation is to accommodate them on this, but proceed with the variance application on July 27. 1 will be on vacation, and have asked a Real

Estate Committee rep. to be there for the hearing.


Lot 18  We have two bids on Lot 18, the first for a privacy lot at $65,000, and the second as a buildable lot for $105,000.


Lot 1942 We received a bid earlier this week for 1942, as part of a land swap for Lot 923.


Standish Tax lots The various tax lots in Standish are subject to bids until August I (I was under the impression that the deadline was July 13, but apparently that was for the repurchase only).


Lot 1057 This was a lot that Standish had foreclosed on, and that had then been sold to Fll. I have paid off the back taxes and we should be receiving a release deed to this property.


Lot 1132 This property is owned by Chmela, and lies next to the brush dump. The Chmela's have offered to sell it to FII. At a previous meeting, the Board asked them for a price, and they have in turn asked the Board for a price. We have it assessed at $7,800.


Lot 1139 This is the parcel we are purchasing from Wreghitt. I have passed it to Dick Steeves, and I m awaiting confirmation from him on the purchase,


Lot 913 This was a sale to Stacy Hall as a privacy lot. I have instructed  Steeves to proceed with the closing.


Lot 1879 This lot was offered to FII since it was no longer buildable. The  lot is currently assessed at $5,900, but the assessment will be dropping now that it is unbuildable, We offered $3,000. The owners have countered with $4,250.