June 23, 2001




The meeting was called to order by Treasurer Babineau, in the absence of President Thomas, at 5:00 P.M.



Present were Diane Babineau, Steve Comley, Dick Giggey, Carl Hommel, Fritz Mueller, and General Manager Rich Roedner. Dave Decker and Mark Thomas were excused. Bill Gately and Oleg Svetlichny were absent



The minutes of the meeting of March 2, 2001 were approved unanimously.



The financial report was presented and tabled.  It was noted that funds from lot sales were not found in the report.




A discussion of “port-a-potties“ was held. Hommel MOVED and Mueller SECONDED that the up to $100/week be spent for maintenance and cleaning of a port-a-pottie to be located off the 6th fairway.  PASSED unanimously 



See Manager’s report, attached. Hommel pointed out that Wetzel had canceled his liability insurance and should not be hired to dredge the marina entrance until he showed a Certificate of Insurance.



Comley reported that a letter had been received from the Portland Water District stating that the District would have no objection to the construction of the ball field provided that FII and the Town set aside an amount of land into a conservation easement, to act as a phosphorus retention area equivalent to the phosphorus exported from the ball field.


 Hommel MOVED and Mueller SECONDED that Frye Island Incorporated set aside the following parcels of land and lots located on the Maps of Sebago Shores, Inc., Sections #5, dated May 1967, and #6-1, dated April 1971, noted as the Saddle Club Riding Areas, the Picnic and Barbeque Area, the Playground Area, the following numbered lots,

128, on Leisure Lane, 14,484 sq. ft.

131, on Leisure Lane, 15,000 sq. ft.

132, on Leisure Lane, 15,000 sq. ft.

133, on Leisure Lane, 12,910 sq. ft.

137, Corner of Leisure Lane and Beachview, 14,483 sq. ft.

804, on Beachview, 11,250 sq. ft.

805, on Beachview, 11,250 sq. ft.

807, on Beachview, 9,563 sq. ft.

919, on Paddock Lane, 13,693 sq. ft.

926, on Paddock Lane, 22,763 sq. ft.,

and the unplatted parcel on Paddock Lane between lots 925 and 926, 53,500 sq. ft., into a conservation easement, contingent upon the ball field being permitted by the Planning Board and the Portland Water District. PASSED unanimously.



Manager Roedner reported that the site of septic system of lot 91 has been chosen, and it passed a perk test. He is working on the easement for the septic line across the intervening lots.


Giggy reported that the Real Estate (RE) Committee recommends that the offer for the so-called lot 229 be rejected, as there is no such lot, and the Committee felt that the property along the canal be reserved for possible Marina Expansion. Giggy MOVED and Hommel SECONDED that the recommendation of the RE Committee be approved.


Manager Roedner reported that the sale of lot 913 on Paddock Lane would proceed immediately.


 Giggy MOVED and Hommel SECONDED that Manager Roedner be authorized to enter sealed bids to Standish for Lots 1105, 1126, 1361, 1545, 1758, and 1907, for up to six thousand dollars for the six lots, and to request that Standish release Lot 1057 to FII for payment of unpaid taxes, as we held a deed on the property. PASSED unanimously. See Hommel’s Lot Inspection Report, attached.


Hommel MOVED and Giggey SECONDED that the FII Board request that the Town Planning Board initiate a change to the Town Land Use Ordinance to allow the  road frontage requirements in cul-de-sacs be relaxed. Suggested wordings are as follows:

Changes to § 101-3. Terms Defined.


Add the following definition: CUL-DE-SAC – A street closed at one end.


Change the following definition: FRONTAGE, STREET ‑‑ The horizontal distance between the intersections of the side lot lines with the front lot line. When a lot is located on the closed end of a cul-de-sac, the frontage shall be measured at the front building setback line.


                         PASSED unanimously.




Giggy MOVED and Muller SECONDED that General Manager Roedner be authorized to proceed with the lease of the Winter Office, per his report. (Attached) PASSED unanimously.




a.) The status of the Town Hall was discussed, which led into the status of the Community Center. Mueller MOVED and Hommel SECONDED that Manager Richner hire a professional consulting firm to examine the Town Hall and the Community Center to make recommendations on needed repairs, and to include a ramp to the second story of the Town Hall. PASSED unanimously.



It was MOVED and SECONDED that the meeting be adjourned. PASSED unanimously. The meeting was adjourned at 7:00 PM..



JUNE 22, 2001




Based on my conversation with Ron Faucher, this is how the 18th hole will have to be addressed. The plan will have to be engineered with respect to phosphorus loading. The goal is no new loading to the lake. The resolution for this loading can be the preservation of existing FII land, or actual physical intervention (treatment ponds, wetlands, etc.). Ron was very clear that this would have no impact on the 750 septic systems allowed on the island.


I have asked Tom Dubois at Main Land Development to begin working on this ASAP ‑ probably within a week.


Marina Committee


The new docks are finally in. There was a delay due to equipment failure with the contractor. We have rented the four regular sized slips, and one of the oversized ones (to a person that had rented a regular slip with a boat that was too wide). I have not rented the remaining oversized slips until the marina fills up, and we can decide if any other oversized boats are present that will have to be moved.


I have gotten a price of approximately $2,500 from Wetzel to dredge the channel. He also suggested that the rocks at the entrance should be dressed up to help prevent future sand from working its way into the channel.


A letter has been sent to Mr. Lupo, who owns the other oversized boat that is currently in the Marina, asking him if he is willing to 'upgrade' to a larger slip for $1,000.


I have been tracking the boats in storage, and there are currently five I believe. One is all tarped over so I cannot get any info on it. Two have no information, and the other three have been documented. I will be contacting the owners with a request that they be removed post haste.


Ball Park Committee


A scenario similar to the 18th hole exists for the ballpark. Tom Dubois is looking at the number of lots that will have to be set aside (already included in his previous correspondence) to account for the phosphorus. The real estate/ball field committee is preparing recommendations for the Board as to which lots to set aside.


Real Estate


I have passed offers to Mr. Rudy, Lot 1879, for $3,000, and to Mr. LaVallee, Lot 1124, $4,500. Both offers are subject to Board approval after the owner has agreed to the price.


A counter offer from the real estate committee on 1223 has been made at $22,500. 1 have talked with Mr. Sullivan, and indicated that there is willingness on the part of the Real Estate Committee to reduce the counter to $17,000 or $17,500. I was able to pass this to Mr. Sullivan verbally on Friday, which is the first he had heard of the counter. He has asked for some time to evaluate it with respect to comparable lot sales, cost of development, etc.


At the same time, Mr. Sullivan has asked whether the Board would be willing to work with him on the purchase of lot 283. It won't pass a soil test, but he has asked if a scenario similar to Lot 91 could be worked out.


I have asked Attorney Steeves' office to begin the closing process for Lot 1139, owned by Mr. Wreghitt. We have reached an agreeable price of $2,900 for this lot.


I have attached the information from Standish regarding the foreclosed lots on the island. The lots have to be sold by sealed bid, with a deadline of July 13. My recommendation to the Board is that a bid of $756 ‑ $1,000 be made on each lot that has been foreclosed on by Standish and Frye Island. That way, we can be fairly certain that the owners are just not paying taxes, and from the separation of the town.


Office Lease


As I noted to Mark the landlord of the Tandberg Trail office has asked if we would be willing to pay $400 per month until October, and then pay $475 a month until May of 2003 as we originally suggested.


New Items


The floor in Lois' storeroom collapsed this week. While making repairs, it was noticed that the sewer line running to the septic tank was broken and leaking. This has been fixed.


The other issue that was noticed while under the building is the tilt of the sono‑tubes holding up the entire structure. It would seem to make sense to have a structural engineer or architect evaluate the building and present us with issues that should be addressed.


One other issue to deal with on the Admin. building is ADA access. Is the Board willing to move ahead with locating a contractor to design and build a ramp into the back of the Admin. office? I hate to suggest waiting until we have the whole structure evaluated since we are operating in violation of the ADA rules right now.






The background behind this report was information that General Manager Rick Roedner presented to the Real Estate (RE) Committee on June 2, 2001. He informed us that he had been in contact with three property owners on the Island who were interested in selling their lots to FII:

                        Lavalee, lot 1124

                        Chmela, lot 1132

Schwimmer/Rudy, lot 1879.


He also informed us that the Standish Town Manager had informed him that Standish had foreclosed on thirteen lots on the Island, and would be interested in selling them for back taxes, interest and fees. It was interesting that one of these lots (1057, previous owner Toste) was owned by FII (obtained from D. Hadley on a swap), and that the Town of Frye Island had also foreclosed on six of the same lots:

Napolitano, lot 1105

                        Nielson, lot 1126

                        Stratton, lot 1361

                        Stratton, lot 1545

                        Pease, lot 1758

                        Koch, Lot 1907.


The RE Committee recommends that the FII Board ask the Town to sell to FII these six tax acquired lots for back taxes, interest and fees, in accordance with the Town Tax Acquired Policy.


Hommel volunteered to inspect all ten lots, and report to the RE Committee and the FII Board.


Lot 1124 (10,600 sq ft, 75 ft road frontage) is on South Beach Road, between Hillcrest Drive, and Hillside Drive. It is adjacent to FII owned lot 1125 (10,900 sq ft, 75 ft road frontage), so this would give FII a double lot to combine and sell. The entry from the road is a steep downward slope, but that should be no obstacle. The lots themselves are relatively flat and dry. It was noted that the owner of lot 1123, who has a cottage there, has encroached onto lot 1124, as he has his wood pile there. More on these two lots later.


Lot 1132 (17,400 sq ft, 75 ft road frontage) is on Hillside Drive, and is adjacent to the brush dump to the north, and three other FII owned lots to the south (1133-1135.) If any were sold, they would have to be merged to form 20,000 sq ft lots. They seem to be buildable, but perhaps not sellable, considering their proximity to the dump. They also back up to four other FII owned lots on Independence Way (1931-1934), which are also probably unsellable for the same reason. This is a good block of lots to donate to a trust if we obtain Lot 1132.


Lot 1879 (15,000 sq ft, 75 ft road frontage) is on Ridge Road, a one-back, eight lots north of Leapview Circle. There are three FII owned lots adjacent to the south, and one to the north. The owner indicated that it had failed a perk test, and if FII did not purchase it he would apply for an abatement on the basis of its being unbuildable. The lot was quite rocky and steep along the road, but levels off on the top of the hill where the back nine is located. There was water in the gully along the road. 


Lot 1057 (10,500 sq ft, 75 ft road frontage on South Beach, 141 ft on Highpoint) is on the north west corner of Highpoint and South Beach, across from the entry to the Community Center parking lot. There is evidence of a perk test, so there should be information about that lot in the lot files in the office. It was noted that there is a very large beach tree almost completely eaten out by ants at the base, which should be removed, as it is in danger of falling into the parking lot or onto the roof of the cottage on lot 1068. Since this is an FII owned lot, this should take care of this at once, as soon as title is acquired.


Lot 1105 (11,000 sq ft, 75 ft road frontage) on Middle Beach Road, between Highpoint and Independence, four lots east of Highpoint. It is adjacent to other privately owned lots. It is quite flat, dry, and should be buildable.


Lot 1126 (11,300 sq ft, 75 ft frontage on South Beach, 153 ft on Hillside) is on the corner of Hillside and South Beach, across the street from the dump. The interesting point about this lot is that it is adjacent to the Lots 1124 and 1125, mentioned above. It shares the same steep slope on South Beach, but there would be easy entry from Hillside. All three lots would have to merged if FII acquired Lot 1124 also.


Lot 1361 (21,700 sq ft, 54 ft road frontage) is on Birch Road, next door to the Dupont cottage. It is flat, not wet, and does not abut FII land on the north side. The tupelo tree critical area lots start across the street, and continue to the north.


Lot 1545 (15,000 sq ft, 100 ft road frontage) is on Harbor Road, where Tamarack Lane ends. It is quite wet. There are nine FII owned lots to the south, and six to the north. They all back onto the retention area, with the  tupelo tree critical area lots behind the south end of the retention area. This be highly desirable lot for FII to acquire as it would allow for a very large block of land to donate to a trust.


Lot 1758 (17,200 sq ft, 50 ft road frontage on Ridge Road, 185 ft on Lakeview) is on the corner of Ridge Road and Lakeview circle, a one back lot. There is a view of the lake across lots 1605 and 1606, privately owned as a privacy lot and a pump back lot. Lot 1758 is quite buildable, and should command a very good price.


Lot 1907 (17,500 sq ft, 100 ft road frontage) is on the east side of Independence Way, where South Beach Road ends. It is adjacent to an FII owned lot, 1908 (same size and frontage), which is quite wet, as well as being across the street from the dump. Both lots would have to be merged. 


Carl Hommel

June 17, 2001