Frye Island Incorporated
Meeting Minutes
March 24, 2001
Hampton Inn Suite, Saco, Maine

1.                  Call To Order

The meeting was called to order by President Thomas at 5:00 p.m.

2.                  Attendance

The following members were present in Saco: Thomas, Giggey, Svetlichny, Gately, Decker

The following members were present via phone: Hommel, Comley, Mueller, Babineau

Stockholder present:     Kuiken, Potts

3.                  Minutes

Svetlichny moved to approve the minutes of January 20, 2001 seconded by Mueller. Hommel noted that he had made motion to accept Lot 800, not Thomas. Giggey noted that reference to Lot 224 should be Lot 294. Comley noted discussion of ballfield should be the same as the discussion held by the Town.

Minutes were approved as amended by a unanimous vote.

4.                  Manager's Report

Roedner reported on progress of window wall repair, winter office search, and Quail Circle. Board instructed Roedner to negotiate for a 2 year lease for existing winter office, based on terms offered by landlord, prorating 6 months rent over 12 months.

b.         Financial Report

The report prepared by Thomas was reviewed. It was suggested that the tax payment and sales tax payments be shifted to 2000 if possible, as they represent 2000 expenditures.

A question was raised as to where the expenses for the purchase of Lot 236 were. It was noted that they might have been recorded in 2000.

Roedner was asked if the tax payment represented estimated taxes, which he said was the case.

c.                   Financial SOPs

Roedner noted that the general format of the SOPs would follow the Town's, and that as soon as the Town's were finalized, then the FII policies would be finalized. There were no comments on the Town policies.

V.                 Reports

a.       Real Estate

No formal report was presented. Thomas asked for a summary report to be prepared for the May meeting. Roedner commented that the owners of two lots that FII had offered to purchase for the assessed value had countered our offer. The Board determined that the assessed value was all that should be offered.

Lot 229 - it was noted that all action had been placed on hold until spring.

Lot 295 - it was noted that this is the proposed swap lot for a winter office, and that it should be listed as 294.

Lot 1223 - it was noted that an opinion had been received from Jerry Daigle, and that he feels the frontage is not an impediment to building.

Lot 137 - information is still pending from Main Land.

Lot 236 - closure was completed in January.

b.      Golf Committee

1.      Thomas presented the 2001 Golf Handbook and summarized the changes from last year. Potts asked about the equity of trail fees versus greens fees and cart fees. It was decided to look at trail fees in the future. Item g on page 7 was amended to refer to the General Manager, instead of Island Manager. Motion by Gately to approve with changes was seconded by Svetlichny and approved by unanimous vote.

2.      Thomas reported on vacancies in clubhouse, Pro-Shop/Lounge Manager and Assistant. Roedner noted that several applications had been received and that the interviews would begin ASAP.

c.       Marina Committee

Decker reported a 1/3 response rate on the recent survey, and that trailer parking was listed as a major issue to be dealt with. The majority thought it should be for day use only. Roedner was asked to have a sign made and posted with a towing policy for inappropriately parked trailers.

Decker noted that there were 3-4 oversized boats in the marina, and that the general sentiment of the owners was that they didn't want to move and didn't want to pay extra. There was a feeling that the larger boats had been "approved".

Correspondence from Jim Fredricks was reviewed regarding selling additional slips. Motion made by Decker to sell the four FII slips at $7,500, first come first served. Motion seconded by Gately and passed with one no vote, Giggey.

Motion by Decker to construct 10 new rental slips, 6 oversized and 4 regular slips, with the proceeds from the sale. Seconded by Gately and passed by unanimous vote.

d.      Ball Park Committee

Comely reported that changes to the plan were being made as per comments from Planning Board last fall. Donations total $15,490 at this point.

VI.              Old Business

a.                   There was no update on donating land, other than noting that Lot 800 had been given to the Town.

b.                  A review of offers for unbuildable lots determined that the limit should remain at assessed value. Roedner reported that a closing on Lot # 1064 was scheduled for next week.

c.                   No new update on Community Window wall needed.

d.                  Roedner reported that after many delays, the individual coverage for the Golf Superintendent was imminent, and would be converted to group coverage as soon as a person was hired for the Pro-Shop/Lounge Manager.

e.                   Roedner reported no new activity on the off island office issue. Roedner also reported on an offer by the current landlord of the winter office to extend the lease for a longer period, and converting our six-month lease payments to 12 month. Roedner was instructed to pursue a two-year extension.

f.                    No update on Boulanger/McLaughlin issues.

g.                   Roedner reported that survey pins were in at Quail Circle and that once the island was accessible, he would have a contractor install the slip markers.

VII.            New Business

a.                   By consensus, the Board affirmed the e-mail vote authorizing the Garden Committee's Community Center improvements.

b.                  By vote under item Vc, the Board re-affirmed its earlier e-mail vote to sell four FII slips in marina.

c.                   By consensus, the Board affirmed the e-mail vote to acquire Lot #236 at Quail Circle.

d.                  Thomas presented a draft of an e-mail policy for review. Item (c) was changed to eliminate the clause "At the discretion of the sender". Item (f) was added to read "Send documents in body of e-mail and as attachment". Policy was approved as amended.

e.                   Thomas noted that new cash registers were to be purchased for the Pro Shop and Lounge. Gately asked about printed reports and adequacy of departments. Roedner noted that the ones he had looked had sufficient departments and produced paper reports.

f.                    The Board noted that the concerns raised by Svetlichny (see attached) had been fully discussed by the Town earlier.

g.                   Discussion of by-laws was tabled.

h.                   Discussion of reserve expenditures was tabled.

VIII.         Asset Transfer

Thomas introduced the topic, noting that a complete report on all items did not appear to be practical by the July shareholders meeting. He recommended that a limited scope report be completed for consideration in July. He further recommended that the water system and the ferries be considered.

Solicitation of a legal opinion on the ability of the Board to get rid of assets was raised. The Board determined that an opinion was pre-mature, and that the intent was to have the shareholders vote on the assets.

It was decided to request that the Board of Selectmen consider the issue of accepting assets from FII at their May meeting, in anticipation of the July FII shareholders meeting.

IX.              The meeting adjourned at 8:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted

Richard Roedner
General Manager