AUGUST 19, 2000


The meeting was called to order by  President Thomas at 5:45 P.M.

Present were Diane Babineau, Steve Comley, Dave Decker, Bill Gately, Dick Giggey, Carl Hommel, Fritz Mueller, Oleg Svetlichny, Mark Thomas and General Manager Rich Roedner.


  1. The Minutes of FII Board Meeting of 5/6/00 were APPROVED.

  2. The Minutes of the FII Stockholders Meeting of 7/1/00 were APPROVED.

  3. The Minutes of FII Board Meeting of 5/22/00 were APPROVED with correction of the spelling of the names of two of the members present, and the correction of the date of the meeting.

3. FINANCIAL REPORT YTD through July, 2000:

Tabled as current financial reports are not available


a. Real Estate Committee:

Kathy Potts, a member of the Real Estate Committee, who was present, agreed to visit the Cumberland County Registry of Deeds to determine when Sebago Shores./Leisure Living registered the Island Plot Plan.

It was MOVED and SECONDED that the FII Board request the Town Planning Board to proceed with rezoning the recreation property adjacent to Lot 501 from Water Orientated Commercial to Residential. PASSED unanimously.

The Board discussed requesting the Planning Board to change the zoning of the beaches and other recreational areas from Residential to Recreational, but took no action because the Town has not yet adapted such a Zone.

b. Golf Committee:

Mark Thomas reported that Ed Larrabee had received a raise in salary.

It was also announced that the State Liquor Authority voted that it would be legal to serve alcoholic drinks in the screen room at the Golf Club.

c. Marina Committee:

No report was made.


a. Discussion of Asset Evaluation

Several groups were formed to study the pros and cons of transferring FII assets to the Town, and to present their reports at the Winter FII Meeting. The groups are:

Ferry w/landings - Dave and Oleg
Water - Carl
Roads - Carl
Golf - Bill and Mark
Marina - Dave
Dump - Need FII volunteer and John Crosby
Buildable and Non-Buildable Lots - Dick and Oleg
Tennis, Ball Field, Pool, Beaches - Steve and Dick
Buildings (Comm Center, Office, Old Fire Barn, Maint Bldg, Jed Shed) - Mark and Dave

b. Update on Lot 1658


c. Update on Lot 137

General Manager Roedner had met with the bidder of Lot 137, who agreed to wait until after the October Town Meeting to affirm his bid.

d. Update on Correspondence with Planning Board

As the proposed changes in ordinances will not have an adverse affect on FII, President Thomas announced that he had decided not to send the letter to the Planning Board asking about the requirements for selling property until after the Town meeting in October. The Board concurred with this decision.


a. Review of 2001 Budget

No action

b. Discussion of FII Accounting and Cost Control

There was discussion of FII hiring a separate accountant to keep the books. It was MOVED and SECONDED that President Thomas and General Manager Roedner investigate this possibility. PASSED unanimously.

c. Discussion of Ball Field and Lot Swap.

Steve Comley reported on the status of the ball field project. He had presented an outline at a preliminary Planning Board hearing on August 12, 2000. The Board outlined what information would be necessary for FII to present to the Board. The Board stressed that the acquisition of Lot 800 must proceed submission of the Plan to the Board.

Comley also reported that he, Kathy Giggey and Carl Hommel had selected five possible lots to offer Mr. and Mrs. Porell as potential swaps for Lot 800. The Porells were scheduled to inspect the sites the following day.

Comley presented a letter from Wetzel & Wetzel, Welding and Excavation, offering the basis for their quotation for developing the ball field.

It was MOVED and SECONDED that Steve Comley be appointed a coordinator between the FII Board and the Town Planning Board. PASSED unanimously.

It was MOVED and SECONDED that a letter drafted by Comley, dated August 19, 2000, offering to Mr. and Mrs. Perell a swap for their lot 800 be signed and presented to the Porells. PASSED unanimously.

It was MOVED and SECONDED that Comley be authorized to negociate with the Porells concerning the cost of the perk test and transfer fees if they decided to accept the offer of FII to swap their lot with a lot of equal or greater valve. PASSED unanimously.

d. Discussion of FII Action Regarding Use of Golf Carts.

No action.

MOVED and SECONDED that the meeting be adjourned. PASSED unanimously.

The Meeting was adjourned at 7:30 PM.