Applications are available online to become an EZ-Ride user on the Frye Island Ferry. A completed application should be brought to the Town of Frye Island office located near the Island ferry terminal.

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In May 2010 the Town of Frye Island will be implementing an electronic ticketing system for the Frye Island Ferry.

This system is based on a bar coded ID card and/or a bar coded paper ticket. The intent is to make the purchase of ferry passage as easy as possible for all frequent users by using their ID card at the ferry terminal or for other travelers by using a bar coded paper ticket. This will minimize the amount of cash transactions at the ferry terminal and will provide real time data on ferry usage to help the scheduling process.

In addition to being able to buy discount paper tickets (with a bar code) in the Town office and being able to use cash at the ferry landing, some new options will be available. The following scenarios use the John Doe family as an example to describe the new system options:

1)       An account can be established in the Town office. John Doe will complete an application form (form available online by clicking the above Account Application link) and turn the form into the Town office with a check for $150 or more to establish a balance in the account. He will be issued two things upon application:

a)      Account Number & Password.  This will allow the owner of the account, John Doe in this example, to view the account activity and current balance online. The Account Number & Password should not be given to another individual. It should be treated similar to an ID & Password you might currently have from your bank or credit card company.

b)      EZ-Ride ID Card.  This ID card is assigned to a single individual, John Doe in this example, and cannot be passed onto other people for use.

2)      When John Doe arrives at the ferry landing, he shows the EZ-Ride ID Card to the ferry mate. The mate will scan the bar code on the card with a portable hand-held terminal, and enter the type of vehicle. A hand-held terminal will tell the ferry mate if there is sufficient balance in the account to cover the discounted ferry ride cost. If there is a sufficient balance, John Doe will be told he can board the ferry, and his account balance will be debited by the amount of the discount fare. If there is an insufficient balance, John Doe will have to pay the non-discount cash price to board the ferry.

3)      John Doe can authorize additional EZ-Ride ID Cards to be created for his account by completing an application form for each additional user (form available online by clicking the above User Application link). These additional ID cards can be distributed to family members and/or friends. Remember, the EZ-Ride ID Card is assigned to a single individual and cannot be passed onto other people for use. When a person with one of the cards authorized by John Doe comes to the ferry landing, the process described in paragraph 2 above will be used. John Doe's account balance will be debited for the cost of the ferry transportation.

4)      Using his account Number & Password (described in paragraph 1 above), John Doe can go online request a paper ferry ticket be created, with the cost of the ticket debited from his account balance. The online system will deliver to his personal computer a PDF file which can be used to print a paper ticket on his printer, or he can forward this PDF file to another person for use on the ferry.

5)      It is recognized that many people currently have $15 Ferry Tickets in their possession that were purchased last year. Those tickets do not have an imprinted bar code. The holder of those tickets will have the following options:

a)      The old paper tickets can be taken into the Town office and exchanged for bar coded  paper tickets (additional cash may be required) or have the value of the tickets added to the balance of their EZ-Ride account. This is the recommended way to handle old ferry tickets.

b)      If the old paper ticket has a $15 value, the holder can use the ticket at the ferry landing for passage on the ferry up to the July 15, 2010 cut-off date. After the cut-off date, the holder will have to use the option described above in 5a to retain the value of the ticket.

c)      As implemented in 2009, a ferry ticket with a value less than $15 cannot be used for payment of ferry transportation at the mainland ferry landing. See 5a for retaining the value of those tickets.

6)      The owner of an EZ-Ride account, John Doe in this example, can increase the balance in his account by stopping in the Town office with a payment, by mailing a check into the Town office or by authorizing the Town to automatically debit his checking account for an agreed to amount when the balance reaches an agreed to minimum value.

Any questions on the electronic ticketing system should be directed to the Town office.



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Posted: 04/19/2011