Sebago Lake Area Map Frye Island is located about three hours north of Boston, MA in the State of Maine. The lake in the center of the map below is Sebago Lake, about 45 minutes from the Westbrook area - a western suburb of Portland, ME. Frye Island is in the lower center portion of Sebago, just off of the Raymond Neck peninsula. See the steps below for more detail driving instructions.

The Town Hall is located on the second floor of the Administration Building; you will find that building immediately on the left as leave the Frye Island Ferry when it arrives on the Island.

If you are looking for Community Center, the Golf Course Club House, or the Long Beach Marina on Frye Island, there are online directions available. Click on one of the links in the previous sentence.

There is a large map of the Island online that shows all of the roads and lot numbers; that file takes a while to download.

Detail Directions from the Boston Area:

  1. Take Interstate 95 (I-95) north from Boston, MA. A short distance into Maine I-95 turns into the Maine Turnpike. Continue north on the Maine Turnpike.

  2. Exit the Maine Turnpike (I-95) at Exit #48.

  3. Turn right at the stop light immediately after leaving the toll booth. You are now on Riverside Street. Continue on Riverside Street for 1.5 miles. (it is the road that parallels I-95, but at such a distance you will lose sight of the Interstate.)

  4. At a stop light, turn left on State Route 302. Continue west on Route 302 for 18 miles.

  5. Watch for a view of Sebago Lake on the left (just after a Mobil gas station on the left side of the road), then as you follow Route 302 to the top of the following hill you should see a Frye Island sign on the right side of road.

  6. Turn left onto Hawthorne Road; continue for 0.5 miles. You are now entering a section of land referred to as Raymond Neck. It is the finger of land sticking down into the water on the above map Raymond Cape is at the end of the finger.

  7. Turn left onto Cape Road; go for 4.6 miles.

  8. Turn right onto Frye Island Ferry Road; continue to the Ferry landing stop sign. The Ferry typically runs on the hour and on the half hour (every 15 minutes during peak summer periods). More details on the Ferry schedule are available.

  9. If you don't have a ticket in advance from a property owner, you can purchase a ticket from the Ferry mate prior to boarding the Ferry. There are restrictions to commercial vehicles during peak weekend periods; give the office a call (207-655-4258) if you have questions.

  10. There are many roads on Frye Island, so you will need to get information from the person you are visiting to assist you in finding their cottage. There is a free telephone (limited to local calls) on the outside wall of the trailer at the Ferry landing that can be used to call you host for last minute directions.


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Posted: 03/24/2010